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Starry Night and Other Van Gogh Masterpieces Made From Sundry Spices

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Or rather, we’re really big fans of the seemingly endless parade of homages to the painting, made on whiteboards, pumpkins, and now: Various spices and foodstuffs. This tasty looking interpretation is the creation of photographer Kelly Mccollam who crafted her work out of spices, food coloring, and potato chips. She says that Van Gogh is her favorite painter and that it only felt natural to create this piece, as well as other delicious re-imaginings of Van Gogh’s work.

Wheatfield and Cypress Trees


Olive Trees with Yellow Sky and Sun

Arles with Irises

Mulberry Tree

(Kelly Mccollam via Oddity Central)

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