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  1. Tech

    We Could Watch This 3D Printed Stop Motion Bear All Day And We Will

    A lot of people are worried that CGI will replace stop motion animation because it's less time-consuming and ultimately less expensive. If this little guy is any indication, however, then stop motion will never go away, because there will always be someone willing to put in a ridiculous amount of effort to make it happen.

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  2. Tech

    Barilla Is Making 3D-Printed Pasta, Because Apparently They Think That’s Cooler Than Not Being Homophobic

    Remember Barilla? You know, the pasta company that refuses to use same-sex couples in their advertising and said that "gays can eat another brand of pasta?" Well, the very same people have decided that it would be a brilliant PR move to deflect from their homophobia by starting to make 3D-printed pasta. Foolproof!

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  3. Science

    3D Printed Pizza Is a Real Thing, Please Excuse Us, We’re Hungry Now

    Yes, we finally have 3D printed pizza. That's right, everyone can relax now and stop working on the 3D printing technology. It has reached its ultimate goal. Wait, you should probably keep working on it, because the cheese and spices still had to be added after the fact. Or because the technology might just be super useful. Whatever.

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  4. Science

    In The Future, Our Robot Butlers Might Have Hearts That Pump Urine

    Today we learned two things: one, that scientists think that they might be able to channel the chemical properties of urine to conduct electricity, and two, that they've decided to test this out by building robot hearts that pump pee. We're pretty sure that this isn't what The Jetsons had in mind, but we're intrigued nonetheless.

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  5. Science

    AsapSCIENCE Reminds Us We Live in the Future with a Look at How 3D Printing Will Revolutionize Everything [Video]

    If you're still not convinced that 3D printing is pretty much going to change everything, AsapSCIENCE is here to remind you why it's basically crazy sci-fi future technology. Now we just need flying cars and spring-legged alien pets, and then we'll be able to watch The Jetsons without feeling bad about ourselves.

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  6. Tech

    GE Is Making December 3rd 3D Printing Day, You Can Win 3D Printed Holiday Gifts

    GE has dubbed December 3rd 3D printing day as a way to celebrate the revolutionary technology and what it means for manufacturing (and to make your holiday shopping easier). They've teamed up with celebrities and businesses to design 3D gifts and knickknacks, and you can win your own customized versions of them on December 3rd.

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  7. Tech

    We Talked to the Guy Who 3D Printed a Working Iron Man Helmet, and It Was Awesome

    Yesterday, we saw video of Ryan Brook showing off his totally awesome 3D printed Iron Man helmet and were completely blown away. Naturally, we wanted to know more about how he got into this kind of engineering and propwork, so we got in touch with him and had a chat with him about how he got started. His answers were surprisingly inspiring.

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  8. Entertainment

    Guy 3D Prints His Own Iron Man Helmet That Looks Just like the Real Thing

    Ryan Brooks must have a lot of time on his hands, because he's been hard at work making his own authentic Mark III Iron Man suit. Well, not totally authentic -- it's not made of iron, or any kind of metal. It's all plastic, because he 3D prints them. Oh my god, what? Is this actually Tony Stark or something?

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  9. Tech

    Watch the First Metal 3D-Printed Handgun Fire Multiple Rounds With Deadly Accuracy [Video]

    We've already covered the first 3D-printed handgun, and the first 3D-printed rifle. Both were made of plastic, and could only manage one shot before breaking. But the new 1911 series pistol by Solid Concepts is 3D printed from steel, and seems to have no problems firing repeatedly and accurately.

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  10. Tech

    Turn Anything Into a 3D Model With the Makerbot Digitizer

    Want to make 3D copies of an object but don't have the know-how to design a computer model of it yourself? MakerBot has got you covered. The company is taking preorders for their Digitizer, a laser scanner that can create a 3D model of any object so you can print copies of it from your 3D printer. Soon, my army of action figures will be complete...

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  11. Gaming

    Now You Can Reenact Final Fantasy VII On Your Desk With These 3D Printed Figures

    While Final Fantasy VII certainly stands up to the test of time, its graphics are very much rooted in the blocky 32-bit style that was so typical of mid '90s PS1 games. You know what else that graphics style is really great for, though? 3D printing, as animator Joaquin Baldwin found out. Now you can buy your very own models!

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  12. Tech

    First Fully 3D-Printed Rifle Test Fired in Canada

    The first fully 3D-printed handgun, The Liberator, was successfully test fired a few months ago, and it seems like it may have kicked off a 3D-printed arms race. A Canadian gunsmith who goes by the YouTube username "ThreeD Ukulele" has one-upped The Liberator by creating the first 3D-printed rifle, "The Grizzly".

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  13. Tech

    Move Over, Furby: These Disney Research Figures Have Printed Optic Animated Eyeballs

    Disney's always been on the forefront of animatronic technology -- just ask all the surprisingly lifelike dudes who live in the Hall of Presidents. So it's no surprise that they're looking to ramp up the level of interactivity possible, and the 3D-printed optics on these toys are a good first step. You know, when they're not creeping us out a bit with their cold laser gaze.

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  14. Tech

    Buttercup, the Duck With a 3D-Printed Foot, Can Walk Normally For the First Time Ever

    Buttercup the duck was born with a deformed foot that he hobbled around on for most of his ducky life, causing him a lot of pain and setting up the possibility of serious infections down the line. This is basically the saddest thing ever, so the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Tennessee decided to team up with NovaCopy Inc. to provide him with a new 3D-printed prosthetic foot. Buttercup's foot has been in the works for some time and gotten a lot of attention from the media, but it wasn't until last night that the completed foot was finally fitted onto his leg and he was able to work normally for the first time. Even better, there's video of his very first steps and yes, it's as adorable as it sounds.

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  15. Tech

    Pics or it Didn’t Happen: We Visit the MakerBot Store

    We're pretty excited about 3D printing here at Geekosystem. When we realized how close our office is to the MakerBot retail store in New York City, we decided we had to go down to check it out. If you live in the area or are looking for a geeky stop on a New York visit we highly recommend giving the store a look.

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