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    5 Out of 5, Would Watch Again…And Again And Again: Our Favorite Star Trek Characters

    Last week, we asked who the worst characters in Star Trek history were -- the series alums you never want to see back -- and you told us. This week, we're still excited for the upcoming movie, but taking a rosier view on things, so we asked who your favorite characters were, and you all weighed in again. We thank you for it. So without further ado, presented for your approval -- or disapproval, if that's your thing -- your choices for the 10 best characters in Trek-dom -- and one honorable mention we just couldn't bring ourselves to leave on the cutting room floor.

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    Brannon Braga Makes a Deal with Fox; Star Trek Fans Lose Their Sh*t

    Any science fiction news site that needs an overactive comments board need only type two words: Brannon Braga.

    Braga, a 14-year veteran Star Trek writer and producer, may be the most divisive individual to ever emerge from a science fiction franchise.  After co-writing 1994's Star Trek: Generations movie with Ronald Moore, Trekkies labeled Braga as the guy who "killed Kirk" (if you haven't seen the movie, um, Kirk dies).  Then, when Braga went on to produce Star Trek Voyager, creating Jeri Ryan's catsuit-clad character "7 of 9" and eventually developing an off-screen relationship with her (they've long since split), fans were up in arms (read: jealous) and questioned whether Braga was really looking out for the Trek franchise, or himself.

    So what, exactly, has Braga done now?

    The latest Braga-bashing comes on the heels of Fox's announcement that they've struck a "seven-figure" deal with Braga (who currently produces "24") to develop new shows for the network:

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