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    The Raid II Is Now An 8 Bit Video Game, Highest Score Gets An XBox One

    If you haven't seen The Raid and you're a fan of good things, stop reading and go watch it right now. For those of us already indoctrinated into the franchises' awesomeness, rejoice! There's now a Raid II video game, so we can all get a little closer to harnessing our inner martial arts bad-ass.

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    Thor Re-Told As 8-Bit Cinema Is Cuter Than Chris Hemsworth [VIDEO]

    CineFix, a YouTube channel that takes Hollywood Blockbusters and game-ifies them, has given Thor the 8/16-bit treatment. The results are both adorably awesome and seriously make you wish this game was real.

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  3. Gaming

    This Chiptunes Album Was Recorded on Two Game Boys, and It’s Incredible

    You can do a lot with a Game Boy. All right, you can pretty much just play games on the thing, but it turns out you can also record a pretty impressive album if you mod it correctly. That's what musician Clay Morrow, also know as > (Greater Than), did. He recorded his entire album using two modded Game Boy Colors, and it rocks.

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  4. Gaming

    You Can Play An Actual 8-Bit Game of Thrones RPG

    Remember this amazing College Humor animated short that imagined what Game of Thrones would be like as an 8-bit RPG? Luckily for the world, programmer and hard-core GOT fan Abel Alves must have watched that video and thought, "I can do that!" because he's created his very own playable version, which you can download right now.

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  5. Entertainment

    Punk Goes 8-Bit: Because Chiptunes Make Everything Better

    Last Friday, Tampa based punk and ska label Pinhead Records released a compilation of classic rock punk songs for free on their Bandcamp page. Now, punk compilations aren't all that unusual or fantastic. But this one? All of the songs have been redone in chiptune, and that's pretty great.

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  6. Entertainment

    Anchorman Gets the 8-Bit Treatment From CineFix

    People love the regular, non-8-bit version of Anchorman, so I'm willing to bet they'll love Cinefix's 8-bit Anchorman as well. The video shows us what an old-school Anchorman video game would have looked like, while simultaneously teasing us with the tragic fact that such a thing does not exist in this world. Yet. Someone please make an 8-bit Anchorman game.

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  7. Gaming

    Awesome Algorithm Teaches Tetris To Draw Video Game Characters [Video]

    From programmer Michael Birken comes a new way of drawing video game characters that is probably more complicated than it needs to be, but all the more incredible for it. Birken has designed an algorithm that can place single blocks of color in Tetris by strategically building and destroying lines at lightning speed. Precisely place enough blocks, and you've got a made to order line. Stack enough lines and the result is a pixellated picture of...well, anything you want, in principle, though Birken started off training the program to build images of classic 8-bit characters like Mario, Link, and Samus. As you might expect, the process that makes it happen is bafflingly complex, but the results -- as seen in this video --  are stunning.

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  8. Gaming

    Power Up: East London’s Brick Lane Gets an 8-Bit Makeover to Promote Wreck-It Ralph Release

    Disney's Wreck-It Ralph may have come and gone for us yanks in the United States -- hey, we at least have an expedited digital release to look forward to this February -- but our friends over in the United Kingdom are gearing up for the film's countrywide debut, and they did it the best way they knew how: By turning East London's Brick Lane shopping thoroughfare into #8bitLane this past weekend. Although Wreck-It Ralph won't be hitting theaters across the pond until February 8th, Londoners were treated with the opportunity to explore the world as the animated feature's titular hero would see it, complete with life-size 8-bit models of trees, dogs, pigeons, and other common urban sights -- all designed and crafted by sculptor Aden Hynes and his team at Sculpture Studios. Fortunately, the promotion wasn't plagued by adverse weather conditions or programming bugs, and so far as we can tell, no one was injured by having a plumber land on them. Keep reading for a look at the results, and the work that went into them.

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  9. Gaming

    Nine Inch Nails’ Pretty Hate Machine Gets An 8-Bit Makeover

    Nine Inch Nails has always been part of video game history ever since the soundtrack of Quake (somewhat confusingly attributed to both Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails). But imagine if that classic, industrial sound had its roots even further back in the video gaming world. Well imagine no more, with the help of Kickstarter, Inverse Phase has remade and demade the classic Pretty Hate Machine as an 8-bit soundtrack, and it's pretty awesome.

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  10. Gaming

    The Evolution of 8-Bit Art [Video]

    8-bit graphics as a necessity are long gone. That said, 8-bit as an aesthetic is as vibrant as ever. The blocky pixel art so many of us grew up with is still near and dear to the hearts of many, even as tradional video games and computer generated graphics barrel towards the hyperrealistic. In this video, PBS Off Book explores the world of contemporary artists and musicians who love and utilize the 8-bit aesthetic not because they have to, but because they want to. More power to 'em.

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  11. Weird

    This 8-Bit Umbrella Sings In The Rain

    Nobody likes going out on a rainy day, and having an umbrella only makes it slightly more tolerable. Alice Zappe made an attempt to change that with a unique and unusual invention: The 8-bit umbrella. Using speakers, an arduino, and a dozen piezo sensors, the 8-bit umbrella translates the pressure from raindrops on its surface into an improvised orchestra of 8-bit tones. The result is a sort of digitized rainfall noise with a bit of an edge to it.

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  12. Weird

    Check Out These Beautiful 8-Bit Color-Cycled Images in HTML 5

    In the past couple of decades, video game graphics have come a long way, a very long way. But who says realistic is always the best? There was something strangely majestic about old-school adventure game graphics, and maybe it's just a nostalgia thing, but they can be way more beautiful than the modern day stuff. Take, for instance, these 8-bit color-cycled landscapes by Mark Ferrari, a LucasArts veteran. They're absolutely stunning, and hardly state-of-the-art. They are running on HTML 5 though. Time to get excited for the potential of browser-based adventure games I think.

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  13. Weird

    8-Bit Pale Ale Is Perfect For Retro Drinkers

    There are some geeky beers out there, but most of them associate with a single series or franchise. 8-Bit Pale Ale, on the other hand, has its sights set a little higher and aims to be the beer of an entire geek era. Produced by Tallgrass Brewing, 8-Bit Pale Ale uses Australian grown Galaxy Hops giving it "a unique tropical, almost melon aroma in a classic American style" according to its makers. If you don't have one sitting in front of you, however, its most noteworthy characteristic is probably its wonderfully designed can, featuring both a hops rocket and a salivating Pac-Man. What else could you ask for? A really weird commercial involving a video game featuring puppets? Sure. Check it out after the jump. Really, it's super weird.

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  14. Gaming

    8-Bit Game Character Model Sets Are So Neat You’ll Wish They Were Real

    Fake model sheets seem to be turning into something of an artform. Not too long ago we saw conspiracy model sets and now Ty Lettau is tackling the concept as well by creating model sheets of certain iconic video game characters. Each sheet includes the (almost naked) character, their standard clothing and typical equipment along with some more stylish outfits and devices I'm certainly not familiar with. Interesting concept, and I hope there are more to come, although Ty has mentioned on his Flickr page:

    There's no shortage of iconic characters, but in order for this idea to work, they need to have many cosmetic changes (suits, power-ups, etc.). I really want to do Mega Man and Final Fantasy, but there's just so little visual change to those characters.

    Hopefully he can figure something out. Head past the break for Samus' and Link's sheets.

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  15. Gaming

    8-Bit Demakes of Classic TV Theme Music

    SoundCloud user RetroPeachy has been demaking some classic television show themes with a distinct 8-bit sound. They're actually a lot better than the description may suggest, and include such TV favorites as The Flintstones, Miami Vice, Alf, Knight Rider and Taxi, among others. Head on past the break to give them a listen and fall deep down the nostalgia well.

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