1. Weird

    Man Clinging to Hood of a Truck Politely Asks Other Driver to Call Police

    I've never been hit by a car, but I imagine it's a pretty stressful situation. I'm not sure I'd be able to stay as calm as this gentleman seems to be. According to the video, this man was hit by a rather large truck, and jumped on that truck's hood as it tried to flee the scene. Another driver pulls up alongside the truck, and the man politely asks the other driver to call the police. That's poise under pressure.

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  2. Tech

    Not Feeling Lucky: Google Stock Plunges After Accidental Release of Poor Earnings Report

    When a document coming from Google literally includes the words "PENDING LARRY QUOTE" on the top, chances are it hasn't been vetted as much as intended. Even so, that's what started off Google's accidentally early press release about their lackluster earnings this quarter. The company's stock dropped $70 before they halted trading after the filing snafu, and now it's just a matter of finding out who's to blame.

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  3. Weird

    The Worst: Foxconn Pressures Worker Left Brain-Damaged From Factory Accident to Leave Hospital

    Is there any other way than "evil" to describe a company pressuring one of their employees, that had almost half their brain removed after a work-related accident, to leave the hospital? Thought not. That's what Foxconn -- Apple's largest contract manufacturer -- is doing, though. Zhang Tingzhen, one of Foxconn's employees, was left unable to speak or walk correctly after doctors surgically removed parts of his brain following an electric shock received at the factory. Unfortunately, it appears Foxconn is tired of footing the bill.

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  4. Weird

    Man Accidentally Shoots Nail Into His Brain, Doesn’t Notice

    Dante Autullo was working on a ladder in his Orland Park garage when he lost control of a nail gun and accidentally smacked it against his head. He texted a photo of the small scratch on his scalp to his fiance Gail Glaenzer, and thought nothing more of it. He went about his business driving a plow truck for some eight hours, and even dropped off his kids for a play rehearsal. It wasn't until waking up nauseous from a nap that he was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center and a three and a half inch nail was found lodged in his brain.

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