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    Get Caught Up on Venture Bros. in Time for Season 5 With This Recap

    The Venture Bros. season five finally premieres June 2nd at Midnight on Adult Swim. The new season picks up just moments after the finale of season four, and promises to have the Venture team face off against a whole host of enemies both external and internal. The show's first season is available to stream on Netflix, and you can pick up the rest on DVD, or just watch this eight-minute recap of the first four seasons to get caught up on all the major plot points you need to know going into the new season.

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    Watch the Banned Dexter’s Laboratory Episode “Rude Removal”

    For years there have been rumors of an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that went unaired because it didn't pass muster with Cartoon Network's Standards and Practices department. Back in December, Adult Swim launched the #telljeff hashtag on Twitter to get a Cartoon Network executive we assume is named Jeff to get off his duff and release the episode. It looks like Jeff came through, because now the episode titled "Rude Removal" is online for us all to nostalgically enjoy.

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    Newsreaders Premieres Tonight, But You Can Watch It Right Now

    Tonight Adult Swim will be premiering their new show Newsreaders. It claims to be an "absurd take on the television news magazine format, a show that goes behind the stories that nobody else thinks are stories -- because they're not." It's a spin-off of their hit show Children's Hospital which occasionally features the Newsreaders team. I took a look at the premiere episode and it's so funny it made me wish all news shows were fictional.

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    Adult Swim and Cartoon Network Shows Are Finally Coming to Netflix This Spring

    Without a DVR, pretty much all the programs we enjoy watching on Cartoon Network and Adult Swim fall well out of our regular schedule. Seriously, it's either they're on too early or too late, resulting in the desperate -- and oftentimes fruitless -- act of scouring YouTube in the vain hope that some copyright-infringing good Samaritan has uploaded the particular episode you missed. Thankfully, those days of watching grainy footage of Adventure Time someone filmed from their couch will soon be over since it's been announced that a library of shows from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Warner Bros. Animation will be available for streaming on Netflix come March 30th!

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    Adult Swim and Valve Announce Team Fortress Collaboration

    Or at least, they have announce that they will be announcing something next week in regards to their collaboration. What we do know is that it has something to do with the Team Fortress franchise, Adult Swim's network chocolate, and Valve's video game peanut butter. From that we can infer that it will be delicious and potentially edible. I am ruling nothing out until I am absolutely required.

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    Adult Swim iOS App Ditches Much-Loved Free Streams

    Earlier this year, Adult Swim released a nifty iOS app that let users stream Adult Swim shows on their devices for free. Now, the functionality has been ripped out and streams are reserved for cable subscribers only, something no one is particularly happy about. The issue isn't so much about the lack of streaming shows but rather the events that lead up to this point.

    First off all, Adult Swim used to stream its shows for free and not for a week or two or anything, but a matter of months. That being the case, the removal of the functionality seems like little more than a cruel ending to an awesome feature that has now been retconned into a tease. Secondly, it seems that Cartoon Network (or Adult Swim, whoever is really in control) are attempting to spin this change as a feature, promoting the fact that you can now stream shows if you're a cable subscriber, conveniently failing to mention that you used to be able to do that even if you weren't.

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    The Venture Bros. Gets Two More Seasons, Two Specials

    A while back, fans got a pretty awesome Christmas gift in the form of a season five announcement for The Venture Bros. What better news than a season five for everyone's favorite intricately detailed parody universe, you ask? A season six, of course! Giving us all the good news on his blog, Jackson Publick announced that the real life Team Venture signed a new contract with Adult Swim for two more seasons of the show, as well as a long-form (60-90 minute) Venture Bros. special, the platform of which--television or direct-to-DVD--has not yet been determined, along with an 11 minute Venture Bros. special that they'll be animating and producing entirely in-house.

    This is certainly good news, as more Venture Bros. is definitely better than less, and we can only barely begin to imagine what's in store for the most intricate universe on television. Will 21 finally embrace his good guy destiny? Is Molotov really gone? Will Hank and Dean embrace their seemingly mapped-out fate in which they grow up to be the new Brock and Rusty? Will we all still miss 24? How many more times will they say "sphinx?" Thankfully, we'll have at least two more years and a couple of specials to find out.

    (Publick Nuisance via Topless Robot)

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    Adult Swim Releases Free App for iOS to Stream Full Episodes and Clips

    Cartoon Network's nighttime alter ego, Adult Swim, home of The Venture Bros.Tim and Eric, Family Guy reruns, and a running gag about a robot humping machinery, released an iOS app that streams full episodes and clips of their shows, as well as provides a schedule if one is inclined to watch their shows on something other than an Apple product.

    The iPad version of the app comes with extremely important extras, such as an Adult Swim music player, a clock, weather info, and a calculator.

    Most importantly, the app is on the market for the super low price of free, which is less expensive than most things.

    (iTunes Store via How-To Geek)

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    Image of New ThunderCats Cartoon Released

    Topless Robot is in possession of this official image from the new ThunderCats cartoon. While some people might not be too keen on remakes, I actually think this one has potential for a pretty wicked reboot. Is it time for a new generation to have the ThunderCats in their lives? I would have to say "HOOOOOOOOOOOOH" to that. (That means "Yes.") So, right off the bat, what's different?

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    ’80s Teen Sensations Tiffany and Debbie Gibson Battle on SyFy

    It was announced last summer that 1980s teen sensations Debbie Gibson and Tiffany would be appearing/battling each other in a SyFy movie called "Megapython vs. Gatoroid," which is scheduled to air this Saturday. Just try and tell me what's wrong with this sentence, because for me, a girl who sang "Electric Youth" into a hairbrush the year I got my first pair of glasses, this is proof that all is right with the world. Everything is going according to plan.

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    Really, Luvs? A Diaper-Soiling Contest? [Video]

    I first saw this ad while watching Adult Swim, the block on Cartoon Network that shows adult-oriented cartoons. At first, it seemed weird that Luvs was advertising during Adult Swim, but then as I watched the ad, I realized it was exactly where it belonged. Because it's an MTV Beach Party-style contest in which babies compete to crap themselves. Also: Tag Team? Really? Was this thing written in the late 1990s and shelved because people thought it was too "of the times," and they'll unleash it once the late '90s are "retro"? (PS: This hasn't happened yet.) Unless this is supposed to target people my age, who came of age during that era of free-wheeling tackiness and are supposed to have babies by now, but are watching Adult Swim instead ... oh. I see. Thanks, Luvs. Thanks a lot. (via AdFreak)

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    Venture Bros. Season 5 Announced + Annual Venture Christmas Song Released! It’s a Christmas Miracle!

    Adult Swim geek opus The Venture Bros. is coming back for a fifth season! Christopher McCulloch, otherwise known as Jackson Publick, gave Venture fans the best Christmas present of all last night on his blog:

    P.S. One last Christmas gift: I promised "news" the last time I was here. And though I'm not at liberty to disclose the full details just yet, I am happy to at least be able to tell you that we were not lying in the end credits of our season finale: The Venture Bros. will indeed return. More on that later... Happy Holidays!

    To go along with this wonderful news, the Venture team released their annual Christmas song, "Fan Club Christmas Album 2010," performed by Hank and Dermott's (awful-but-hilarious) band, Shallow Gravy.

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  13. Weird

    Kevin Smith vs. Southwest: Now The Latest Bizarre Chinese Computer Animation

    Adult Swim News (otherwise known as the Chinese program Apple Daily) recaps the entirety of the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines conflict, from the seating, to the ousting, to the tweeting, to the podcasting, to the... the angry mob marching through the streets?

    As always, there's no translation from the Chinese, so hit the jump for your daily, physician recommended, dose of surreality.

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    Adult Swim Now Airing Andy Dick Machinima as “News Segment”

    Remember Apple Daily, the Taiwanese tabloid that produces CGI videos depicting the events of major Western news stories? And how their segment on the Tiger Woods scandal started a mini-empire of Internet virality? Adult Swim is now airing the videos as "Adult Swim News" segments. Can a show composed entirely of "viral" "internet" "vids" be far behind?

    (That is, one that isn't on G4?)

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    Family Guy Disses FOX And Praises Adult Swim — On FOX

    Viewers watching Sunday night's new episode of Family Guy on FOX might have been surprised to see what looked like one of Adult Swim's telltale white-font-on-black-background ads. Only it wasn't during the commercial break: it was in the middle of the episode. And it plugged Adult Swim as "funnier" than Fox for not cutting out jokes. What gives?

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