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    LG Announces a Voice-Activated and NFC-Enabled Air Conditioner Because They Can

    As proof that adding Near Field Communication (NFC) to anything makes that thing inherently more interesting, LG has announced an NFC-enabled and voice-activated air conditioner. Why? Because remember in the 80's when companies started putting digital clocks on everything just because they could? That's apparently what NFC is going to be for this decade. We expect to see a lot more things like this in the near future, and it just might be crazy enough to work.

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  2. Tech

    Air-Conditioned Bulletproof Vests Help You Keep Cool Under Fire

    It goes without saying that being shot at can be, well, uncomfortable. For one thing, you're being shot at, but if you're wearing a bulletproof vest, you're likely to be quite hot and sweaty. Sure, it definitely beats having metal projectiles pierce your fleshy torso, but being hot and sweaty (and consequently dehydrated) is a problem that soldiers and police everywhere face. A very viable solution to this is a new kind of completely portable, air-conditioned bulletproof vest. It's a lot less frivolous than it sounds.

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  3. Weird

    Puppy Thinks Air Conditioner is Water [Video]

    This small dog is not aware of many things. First, that the cool sensation eminating from the window AC unit is not, in fact, water and makes a poor medium for swimming. Second, that he looks adorable while trying to swim in the air. For this, we love him. (via Reddit)

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