1. Entertainment

    Watch Your Favorite Heroes Get Psychoanalyzed, Starting With the Punisher [Video]

    You know who really needs some kind of serious therapy? Frank Castle. I mean, geez, grief is real painful and we're sorry your family got murdered, but you are kind of overdoing it with the vengeance thing. Luckily this new Youtube series called "Hero Therapy" gives us a glimpse into the mind of Frank's damaged psyche with actual psychologist Dr. Larry Lewis.

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  2. Gaming

    Licensed NES Games From the ’90s That We’re Surprised Don’t Really Exist

    Back in the glory days of the NES and SNES, there were about a spillion officially licensed video games that did not need to exist. Seriously, does anyone remember the tie-in game for Home Improvement where you fought dinosaurs as Tim Allen? Thank god VGJunk put together some imagined title screens for franchises that would have made much better games.

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  3. Space

    In Space, Someone Might Actually Hear You Scream From This Satellite

    A group of student satellite engineers at Cambridge University has taken issue with the famed tagline of Ridley Scott's 1979 horror masterpiece Alien, and is making a valiant effort to make your screams heard from space. The project is part of a collaboration between the group Cambridge University Space Flight and British space company Surrey Satellite Technology that will test how well a satellite in orbit can be controlled from a smartphone-based guidance system, while also handily frightening off any extraterrestrial invaders who happen be hovering around the planet.

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  4. Entertainment

    New Featurette Shows Off the Titular Spaceship from Prometheus

    With the release of Ridley Scott's Prometheus -- the semi-prequel to Alien -- just around the corner, promotional videos continue to stream out to keep the anticipation high. The latest is an interesting look into the titular star-chariot Prometheus, revealing a little bit about how the ship fits into the story, its design, and some of its surprises. For instance: It apparently has its own basketball court. See it, after the break.

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  5. Entertainment

    This Horrific Alien Sculpture is Made Out of a Bowling Pin

    All it took to create this grotesque statue was quite a bit of artistic skills, a wooden bowling pin, and a healthy dose of Alien lore. The artist, Peter Nordstrom, titled this work Prometheus and the presence of xenomorphs imply that he's as excited about the forthcoming film as we are. See more pictures, after the break.

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  6. Entertainment

    New Three-Minute Prometheus Trailer is the Most of the Movie We’ve Yet Seen

    So far the promotional material for Ridley Scott's forthcoming Alien prequel Prometheus have been stellar. We've had a TED talk from the future, a beautifully shot short film about a creepy cyborg, and other bits and pieces. The trailers have been fragmented, but a new three-minute international trailer fits a lot of those pieces together and shows us more of the film than every before.

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  7. Entertainment

    Alien: Easter Edition is Chocolatey, Deliciously Gross

    What with Easter being a very egg-centric holiday and Ridley Scott's Prometheus coming oh so very soon, the two were destined to collide in this chocolatey parody of the original Alien film. Expect chocolate eggs and chocolate face huggers, and a reprise of a certain breakfast scene. You'll never look at chocolate sauce the same way. See the video, after the break.

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  8. Entertainment

    New Trailer For Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Has a Familiar “Face”

    When it comes to the forthcoming Ridley Scott sci-fi flick Prometheus, the going line has been that it is not really a prequel to the Alien franchise. Sure, it will take place before the events of the original film in the same universe, and Scott is quoted as saying that the new film would contain "strands of Alien's DNA, so to speak," but it's really not a prequel. The latest trailer, however, seems to suggest otherwise. See it, after the break.

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  9. Weird

    Alien Chopsticks Not for the Weak of Stomach

    The first rule of merchandising is "make all the things" or at least, it might as well be if Alien chopsticks exists. They do. Ostensibly marketed to rabid fans of the film who want to think about it while eating sushi or other Asian-style foodstuffs, these Alien chopsticks may not be for everyone. Me, for example. They are not for me. That being said, there is something awesome about the fact they exist, despite the fact that I would never want to use them, or even look at them for very long. If you'd like to do the latter, check out some close ups after the jump and then make fun of me for being squeamish.

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  10. Entertainment

    LEGO Predator Bust is Intricate, Angry-Looking

    At this point, there is a pretty established tradition of building intricate, awesome things out of LEGOs, sans instructions. Despite the fact that this is nothing new, this Predator bust by Shawn Snyder might be the most awesomely-detailed, actually-kind-of-scary LEGO bust on record. Not only does it have eyebrows that are slanted angrily and all the appropriate fangs, but you'll also notice that its collection of skulls all appear to belong to different species of animal. Now if I can just find an awesome LEGO recreation of the alien from Alien, complete with inner-mouth, my life will be complete. More pictures after the jump.

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  11. Entertainment

    Alien Prequel is No More, Now “Prometheus” Instead

    The highly anticipated news that Ridley Scott would be returning to his seminal science fiction setting, the Alien series, has evolved, or, perhaps metamorphosed.  Yes, the joyful facehugger of Ridley Scott and H. R. Geiger creating a prequel to Alien about the briefly and mysteriously featured space jockeys has disappeared, only to be replaced by the chestburster of a completely original science fiction project called Prometheus. Painful?  Yes.  Surprising?  Perhaps.  But ultimately a happy occasion of new life being born among bloody screams in the middle of an otherwise unremarkable breakfast.

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  12. Entertainment

    H.R. Giger is On for the Alien Prequel

    Good news for those who like their alien spaceships properly oozing, dark, and pseudo-sexual: H.R. Giger is now confirmed as a contributor to Ridley Scott's new Alien prequel.  Giger is the artist who designed all of the alien looks in the original sci-fi horror flick, and so it is he who we can thank for those extraterrestrials known sometimes as xenomorphs, but more commonly called simply, significantly, aliens.

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  13. Science

    Freaky Alien-Looking Swamp Monster Thing Captured on Deer Cam

    Supposedly captured by a deer stand camera set up in Berwick, Louisiana, a photo of this freaky monster thing has been making the rounds today, even appearing on a short local NBC segment (video posted after the jump). The hunter who discovered the photograph claims it's real, and also claims his camera was broken, but the memory card that contained the photo was left unharmed.

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  14. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 8/20

    Alien Head Pez Dispenser (Toycutter)

    Epic Gauntlet Thrown to Olivia Munn (Bitchmedia)

    Mary Jane Will Not Be In The New Spider-Man (Topless Robot)

    Rod Blagojevich is Doing What at Wizard World? (Bleeding Cool)

    Dylan Meconis Teaches You How To Draw a Tricorner Hat, With Macros (Heroine of the Hour)

    Tell Us Stories, Mister Gaiman! :D (Bleeding Cool)

    Sexiest Images From Saturn (Wired Science)

    (image via Reddit.)

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  15. Entertainment

    LOST‘s Jack Bender in Line to Direct Jack Ryan Film

    This just in: LOST director Jack Bender is reportedly the frontrunner for helming Moscow, the reboot of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan spy franchise. Chris Pine will be playing the newest Ryan incarnation, starting afresh as a U.S. Marine graduate working under a Russian billionaire, before being embroiled in a terrorist plot. Bender hasn't directed a feature since 1991's Child's Play 3, so it will be interesting to see what results. This comes on the heels of the announcement that LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof is attached to write the Alien prequel. (Vulture)

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