1. Space

    Still Not Aliens: NASA Says That Flash of Light Seen by Curiosity Rover Isn’t What UFO Speculators Think It Is

    The above image is making it's way around UFO sites and news outlets alike. It's a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on April 3rd, and it doesn't show aliens. Relax, Internet.

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  2. Entertainment

    Review: IFC Midnight’s Alien Abduction

    Found footage is an increasingly silly subgenre, so when I sat down to watch IFC Midnight's newest thriller I was definitely dubious. Luckily the film is based on folklore far more interesting than any horror gimmick: if you can suspend your cynicism long enough, the mystery of Alien Abduction's true-life source material redeems its shortcomings.

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  3. Space

    Have Astronomers Found Earth’s Twin?

    Details at this point are being kept on the down-low, but last week's Search For Life Beyond The Solar System Conference yielded some very exciting news: a planet roughly the size of Earth and capable of having liquid water on its surface (and consequently life) may have been discovered inside the Milky Way. Road trip, anyone?

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  4. Entertainment

    Dedicated Dad Turns Baby Daughter Into Power Loader From Aliens

    The best reason to have a baby? You can use it to pilot a nearly to-scale replica of the P5000 exoskeleton from the Power Loader in Aliens. I think I might have just found my biological clock.

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  5. Space

    New Technique Will Use Hubble’s Successor to Find Alien Life

    The search for life on other planets is tough, because no matter how many alien worlds we discover, it's hard to know just which ones might have little facehuggers extraterrestrial organisms skittering around. Scientists have come up with a new method for spotting life-supporting planets, and all they need is Hubble's successor.

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  6. Entertainment

    Morgan Freeman Wants To Talk To You Tonight About God And Aliens

    If you're at all interested in extraterrestrials, the Science Channel's week long series "Are We Alone?" is the shameless UFO-fest for you. If you haven't tuned in to the alien version of Shark Week yet, tonight at 10 pm Morgan Freeman will be asking some pretty provocative questions.

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  7. Space

    The Possible Water Flows on Mars Are Nothing New, Chill, Internet

    NASA's Mars orbiting spacecraft have sent some new information about the dark streaks, or recurring slope lineae (RSL), on the surface of Mars, and people have gotten a little excited, because water on Mars could mean life on Mars. If you got out your alien party hat, you're a bit late, because the RSL were first announced in 2011.

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  8. Space

    NASA Gets Sued For Not Noticing That Mars Mystery Rock Is Totally An Alien

    The Case of The Jelly Doughnut-Rock On Mars has yet to be cracked, and in an extreme development yesterday, one alien enthusiast is even suing NASA for failing to pursue the extraterrestrial origins of Pinnacle Island. Thanks to the e-mails that we've also been getting from the Plaintiff, we can tell you exactly why he's pursuing legal action.

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  9. Space

    William Shatner Thinks Martians Might Be Throwing Rocks At Our Rover

    The case of the jelly-doughnut rock on Mars is still being cracked, and at a NASA panel reflecting on the Rovers' accomplishments, it was revealed that even late-to-the-game William Shatner thinks Martians might be behind the mysteriously composed rock.

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  10. Space

    Scientists Say Mysterious Mars Rock Has Bizarre Chemical Composition

    Stop the presses! There's a new development in the ongoing investigation into the mystery jelly doughnut rock on Mars! Scientists now say that the rock, which they're calling Pinnacle Island, has a baffling chemical composition unlike anything ever seen on the Red Planet before. But still nothing about aliens. I mean, nothing much.

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  11. Tech

    Ripley’s Exoskeleton From Aliens Is Real And You Can Buy One

    We've all seen the clip from James Cameron's 1986 film Aliens, where Sigourney Weaver (as eternal badass Ellen Ripley) puts the smack-down on an alien queen while wearing a strength-enhancing exoskeleton. Looks like the folks over at Panasonic have seen it too, because they've manufactured their own version - and are going to start mass-production.

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  12. Gaming

    WayForward: The Unsung Heroes of Licensed Games

    Usually the gaming figures I spotlight in my writing aren’t those I’m fond of. But sometimes you just need to give someone a shout-out for doing things oh so right. Since DuckTales Remastered, releases today, it seems like a better time than ever to discuss how WayForward Technologies has been kicking major butt at making licensed video games.

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  13. Space

    Google Celebrates Roswell Weather Balloon Crash With Game About Aliens

    Google is celebrating the anniversary of a weather balloon crashing into a sheep pasture in Roswell, New Mexico back in 1947 with an enjoyable Doodle minigame. For some reason, the game isn't about weather balloons or sheep, and instead features a space alien trying to rebuild its crashed ship. Frankly, I don't see what an alien and its ship have to do with weather balloons, but it's still a fun way to kill a few minutes of your day.

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  14. Space

    Search for Alien Life Ramps Up in the U.K.

    We haven't ruled out that this is somehow related to the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, but the United Kingdom is stepping up their efforts to search for intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe with the United Kingdom Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence. (UKSETI)

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  15. Entertainment

    You Could Rewatch Aliens or Just Check Out This 60-Second Speedrun

    The topic of the Alien movies came up in the office the other day, and I realized I probably haven't watched the first two since high school at the latest. I probably would have wasted hours of my life watch Aliens again, but now thanks to 1A4 Studios I don't have to. They've done a Speedrun version of Aliens that compresses it down to 60 seconds. Thanks! I remember Aliens as kind of boring.

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