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    Community Report, Season 5 Episode 2 “Introduction to Teaching”

    As promised in the previous episode "Repilot," Season 5 of Community is working as more of a reboot than a continuation. The biggest change so far is that Jeff Winger is back as a teacher. It's clearly a change for him, as well as for the audience. He's quickly learning how different being a teacher is than a student.

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    Watch Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs Talk Community’s Season 5 with HitFix to Prepare for the Premiere [Video]

    If you're reading this, you probably already know that Community's fifth season premieres tonight with a full hour of sheer nerd bliss, and our timeline is about to get a whole lot brighter. As you complete whatever viewing preparations this night entails for you, why not watch Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs tell you about what's in store?

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    Ermahgerd! Alison Brie Recreates Internet Memes With Her Face

    All of you already subscribe to Paul F. Tompkins' YouTube show Speakeasyright? Good! Then you already know that he spoke to the lovely and talented Alison Brie in yesterday's episode, and that he had her recreate popular Internet memes with her face. Watch the clip, and the full episode, right here.

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    Glee and Community Have the Same Prop Department, It Seems

    Glee and Community: You knew they were both excellent first-season comedies with one-word names, but did you know that they had very, very similar props and costumes on more than one occasion? The above side-by-side comparison, put together an anonymous eagle-eyed TV viewer and discovered in the glorious chaos that is 4chan's /tv/ board, puts that question to rest.

    While I hesitate to say that the more popular Glee flat-out rips off Community, I will note that in the one comparison I could definitively source, Community did it first (and, arguably, funnier) by three months.

    Further explanation of the side-by-sides below:

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