1. Entertainment

    Excited to Binge Watch All of Amazon’s Original Shows? Too Bad!

    Amazon is diving into the original streaming content pool with its political comedy Alpha House sometime late 2013 or early 2014, but when it does come out it's not going to be coming out all at once, according to executive producer Jonathan Alter. There go your plans for a 10-episode John Goodman marathon. So what is their plan exactly?

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  2. Weird

    1984 Up 7,000% in Popularity on Amazon This Week

    As news of government surveillance of private citizens continues to break, many people are looking for a convenient primer on living under the all-seeing eye of a totalitarian dictatorship. Granted, we're not there yet, but that hasn't stopped plenty of folks from preparing. For Amazon, that means that copies of 1984, George Orwell's bleak vision of a dystopian future, is positively flying off of digital shelves, shooting up a staggering 7,005% in popularity in the past few days.

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  3. Entertainment

    George Takei Continues to Win at the Internet, Posts Hilarious Amazon Reviews

    It’s a well-known fact that former Star Trek star George Takei loves the Internet. No, love is not strong enough a word to describe how Takei clearly feels. He adores the Internet. He knows all the latest memes and updates his Facebook page with them constantly. Heck, he even wrote an autobiography solely about his social media fame entitled Oh Myyy! (There Goes The Internet). So really, it's not a surprise that he's apparently taken up writing hilarious reviews of ridiculous products on Amazon. And before you ask -- yes, they're legit. He's got them cross posted on his Facebook.

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  4. Tech

    Amazon Thinks You Should Cash in on That Fan Fiction, Meet “Kindle Worlds”

    Fan fiction is something that I never understood. Why put all the effort into writing something that you can never have published because you don't own the rights? That's not a problem anymore. Amazon just announced Kindle Worlds -- a publishing platform that lets anyone publish content set in licensed worlds. I'm going to write so much Pretty Little Liars fan fiction.

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  5. Entertainment

    Amazon’s Zombieland Series Pilot Arrives to Prevent You From Getting Any Work Done Today [Video]

    If you've been waiting to get a look at Amazon's newly minted Zombieland series, consider your long wait over -- the pilot has arrived, and Amazon Prime subscribers can get their first taste of the show right now on Amazon Instant Video. If you don't subscribe to Amazon's streaming service, you can still get a taste of what you're missing  -- and maybe an argument for signing up? -- in the trailer below.

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  6. Entertainment

    Amazon Delights Audio Nerds, Extends AutoRip Service To Vinyl Purchases

    I'm not going to lie, folks -- I've pirated my share of music in my time. Probably more than my share. Napster, Kazaa, The Pirate Bay -- you name a service, I've probably used it to download an album before. BUT! I also try to be pretty good about supporting artists and small labels by actually purchasing those tunes as well, and when I do, vinyl is my format of choice. And as of this morning, Amazon is doing me a big fat solid and extending their popular AutoRip program -- which offers folks who have bought CDs through Amazon a free digital copy of the album -- to vinyl records.

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  7. Tech

    Amazon Acquires Goodreads, Angers and Delights Booknerds Everywhere

    I've got a lot of friends who are book authors -- I'm one, too -- and one thing we often ask friends and fans to do is rate and review our books on both Amazon and Goodreads. Why? Because both the online retailer and the social cataloging website are the go-to places for reading book reviews, which in turn do impact sales. But soon, you may only need to go to one of them when you want to write that gushing -- or scathing? -- review. According to a recent statement, Amazon's gone and bought Goodreads.

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  8. Entertainment

    ComiXology Submit Launches, Aims to Change the Comics Publishing Game in a Big Way

    ComiXology is probably the biggest name in the digital comics world, and their new service wants to help self-publishing artists reach the largest audience possible. ComiXology Submit allows artists to submit their work to be adapted into the "Guided View" format -- for free, and have it distributed through the service, splitting the profits evenly with comiXology. There's about to be a lot more digital comics in the world, and that's just fine with us.

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  9. Science

    Oh, God No: Amazonian Frog Steals And Fertilizes Eggs From Dead Females

    Today in News You Probably Would Have Been Happier Not Knowing, the tiny, unassuming Amazonian frog Rhinella proboscidea doesn't seem like the most awful creature ever to walk the Earth, but it probably is. That's because Rhinella proboscidea, as a species, are a bunch of necrophiliacs. If they can't find a living lady during mating season, the small brown frogs quickly get, like, way less picky, plucking egg cells from the corpses of females killed during the often violent rounds of 'explosive breeding' and then fertilizing them.

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  10. Tech

    Doing It Right: Best Buy to Make Internet Price-Matching Policy Permanent

    If you're going to buy a thing -- any kind of thing, really -- Amazon tends to be the first thought if you're someone that uses the Internet. The old guard when it comes to retailers, like Best Buy or Target, are last on the list to be checked. Showrooming, however, is more popular than ever. Checking stuff out in a physical store and then buying online is all the rage. In an effort to fight back against the beast that is online retail, Best Buy has revealed that they're making their Internet price-matching policy permanent for a select few retailers.

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  11. Entertainment

    You, Too, Can Write a Book About Space Marines, No Matter What Games Workshop Thinks

    Late last year, author M.A.C. Hogarth's novel Spots the Space Marine was removed from Amazon following a pretty ridiculous claim by Games Workshop that their copyright of the term "space marine" in the context of Warhammer 40,000 meant they had called dibs on pretty much the entire space marine genre of science fiction. Amazon has put the book back up for sale on its site, but that doesn't mean Hogarth's fight is over -- we don't know how willing Games Workshop is to go to the mat defending their claim on the entire literary genre of 'space marines,' but we might be about to find out, and if we do, chances are things will become unpleasant.

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  12. Tech

    Oh Good, Now Amazon Has Their Own Virtual Currency Too

    I despise virtual currencies. I don't mean Bitcoin, though it certainly skirts the line. It's virtual currencies like Microsoft Points that particularly frustrate me. Perhaps it's just the years of being forced to purchase more points than needed in order to grab games, but the whole system comes across as scummy. Unfortunately, it looks like this kind of thing's here to stay since Amazon's announced that they'll be offering a new virtual currency called Amazon Coins for the Kindle Fire starting this May. Joy of joys.

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  13. Tech

    A+ Would Buy Again: Amazon Gives Customers MP3 Versions of Physical CDs

    If you've ordered a CD off Amazon in the last fifteen years but haven't gotten around to ripping it to your computer yet, don't worry. Amazon just announced a new AutoRip feature for the Amazon Cloud Player, giving users free access to MP3 versions of their physical CDs. Sounds great. The only downside I see to this is having to look back on all the embarrassing CDs you purchased in 1998. According to Billboard, the #1 album that year was the soundtrack for Titanic. You've probably got Celine Dion waiting for you in your Cloud Player right now.

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  14. Tech

    Target Will Now Price Match Amazon, Among Other Retailers, All Year

    Standard retailers have been feeling the pinch of online retail for a long time now. The ways in which they deal with their online competitors vary, but whatever it is online retail has going for it, it's not far from traditional retail's thoughts. That's why it's become such a common event for places like Target to match the prices found at their online rivals during the holidays. For Target, however, the holidays are about to be extended. The company will now match the prices of Amazon each and every single day of the year.

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  15. Tech

    $%*! Google Music Switches Clean Songs With Explicit Versions

    Google Music is a great way to listen to your music library without having to store it all in multiple locations. Great, that is, until it turns on you. Google Music has swapped out some users' hardcore awesome explicit versions of songs with their lame radio edit counterparts. Some users have even reported their clean versions of songs being replaced by the explicit versions, which can be a problem if you have kids and an affinity for the Beastie Boys, or maybe it can just make your day a little edgier.

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