1. Weird

    Ambulance Booted While Responding to Medical Emergency, Confirms People Are Just Awful

    If there's one thing folks usually recognize as being important and worth their respect, it's emergency vehicles. If an ambulance or fire engine is careening down the street with its lights on, chances are that the driver is responding to some kind of kerfuffle. It's pretty unlikely that they're just flicking switches because they feel like it. The same goes for when an ambulance is parked with its lights going. That didn't stop one particularly vigilant New Orleans convenient store from booting an ambulance yesterday, though.

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  2. Science

    UK Ambulances Brace For Larger Patients

    The BBC is reporting that U.K. ambulance services are having to upgrade their equipment to handle an increasing number of heavy patients. Wider and heavy-duty stretchers, lifting apparatus, and automobile reinforcements are among some of the purchases. One London-based ambulance firm has purchased two "bariatric" vehicles with a third on the way.

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