1. Tech

    Non-Smartphones Could Be All But Extinct in the U.S., Says Recent Consumer Poll

    Like the ancient Walkmans and portable CD players of old, the basic mobile phone might be close to falling almost completely out of use, according to a poll by the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. I'm feeling a very poignant sense of nostalgia for buttons right now

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  2. Tech

    A Malware Protection “Placebo” App Made $40,000 by Doing Nothing

    The placebo effect is great, because not only does it psychologically fix things from time to time, but it also tricks you into fun things like believing your car goes faster when you put a bunch of cool stickers on it. It also makes people a bunch of money when they sell an app that does nothing but tell people it's preventing malware.

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  3. Tech

    It’s a bird! It’s a Video Game! No, It’s the Amazon Fire TV Set-Top Box, Watch out, Apple

    Amazon got into the set-top box game today with a competitor for Roku and and Apple TV in the form of Amazon Fire. They're at a disadvantage with being comparatively late in the game, but Amazon is aiming to build on the shortcomings of those other offerings with its new box, and they're shipping today.

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  4. Tech

    BroApp Will Outsource Actually Caring About Your Girlfriend, Because Who Wants to Do That?

    The jury is still out on whether BroApp is a serious thing intended for bros to actually use or a parody, but it certainly is a thing you can download on your phone right now and use if you're a massive sociopath. Yes, you really can get an app that will automatically send messages to someone you'd like to appear to care about.

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  5. Gaming

    Fall Out Boy To Release Their Own Flappy Bird Clone, Because That’s the World We Live in Now

    Missed out on the Flappy Bird craze? Do you also happen to be a scene kid stuck perpetually in the last decade? What must be your favorite pop punk band, Fall Out Boy, is here to solve all your problems with a soon-to-be-released game for the iOS and Android. Naturally, it's called Fall Out Bird.

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  6. Tech

    Pretend to Track Santa With Surprising “Accuracy” and Bug Your Friends Thanks to Google’s Santa Tracker

    It's Christmas Eve, which means "Santa" is "delivering presents" all over the world. *wink* Where's the big man now, and more importantly when's he showing up with your stuff? Google's Santa Tracker will let you know when to expect him, and more silly details.

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  7. Gaming

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Returns on iOS and Android with Missing “Palace Zone” Stage and Knuckles

    Want to relive your childhood in glorious modern graphical quality on your mobile device? Sonic the Hedgehog 2's remastered iOS and Android versions debuted today, and we all felt a little bit like it was 21 years ago (when the game debuted, because we're suddenly realizing we're old) all over again.

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  8. Gaming

    New Android Game Audionaut Lets You Fly Through Your Music

    The soundtracks to a lot of mobile games aren't necessarily something you want to listen to over and over again. A few games let you plug in your own music as the background, but Audionaut takes it a step further and uses your music to generate levels. We took it for a spin for a very specific reason.

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  9. Tech

    BlackBerry Messenger Is Available for iOS and Android, but You Have to Wait Your Turn

    It's a great day for BlackBerry users, as their beloved BBM proprietary messaging service has finally gone cross-platform. We tried to take the iOS and Android versions for a spin, but demand for accounts on the service is supposedly so high that there's a virtual line. Yeah, we were surprised, too.

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  10. Tech

    Hale Devices Is Kickstarting a Better Android Alarm Dock

    There's no shortage of alarm dock accessories for smartphones, but Hale Devices think theirs is the best. Their "Dreamer" dock features some nice looking hardware, but also uses an app to fully customize who can contact you while you snooze.

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  11. Tech

    15 More Branded Candies Google Can Use to Name Their Next Android Systems

    Not only is Android's newest operating system named after an already existing brand name candy, but they've actually teamed up with Nestlé to cross-promote Android and Kit Kats at the same time. So what comes next? Hopefully this list of ideas will give Google a headstart on which companies they should go begging to once the hubub over KitKat dies down.

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  12. Tech

    In Keeping With Dessert Theme, Newest Android Will Be Called KitKat

    Android's latest operating system, 4.4, has finally been given a name: KitKat. Yeah, like the candy bar. What is up with really weird technology names lately? First Nintendo puts out the 2Ds and now this?

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  13. Gaming

    Usain Bolt Now Playable in Temple Run 2, So Fast He’s Probably Hard Mode

    Celebrity cameos in games are always fun to see -- remember Space Michael Jackson in Space Channel 5 Part 2, or Ricky Gervais performing standup in GTA IV? Well, there's another great example now: Superb sprinter and Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt is now an unlockable character in everyone's favorite running game, Temple Run 2.

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  14. Gaming

    Holy Smokes, Firefly Online Teased at SDCC

    Browncoats rejoice: Fox is bringing Firefly back. But not, you know, as a Netflix exclusive series or something like that. Nope, they've decided to release Firefly Online -- technically they're calling it a "multi-user social role playing game" rather than an MMO -- for mobile devices. No word if Joss Whedon is involved in any way, but anything that's actually official is kind of a welcome gift at this point. The bottom line to all this is that I want my digital Nathan Fillion, and I want him now.

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  15. Tech

    Apple Drops Trademark Claim on App Store, Stores That Sell Apps Everywhere Now Safe

    You say App Store, I say Appstore. Apple has decided to call the whole thing off, and has dropped its lawsuit against Amazon for infringing on its trademark for its digital software retail distribution service -- see how much easier it is to just say app store? Apple's lawyers have decided that they don't need a court to tell them that combining "app" and "store" does not make a unique and distinguishable brand, and that it's a lost cause to keep people from referring to a store that sells apps as an app store.

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