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    The Next Angry Bird Game Will Be an RPG, We Have Mixed Feelings

    I'll admit that I'm not the hugest fan of Angry Birds: I just don't see the appeal, particularly with regard to the tie-in products for consumers (seriously, imagine if Flappy Bird was producing kids' lunch boxes -- it'd be ridiculous). But the new Angry Birds Epic might be enough to change my mind.

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    Relax, Friends: Angry Birds Didn’t Tell The NSA How Much Time You Spend Playing It

    After a recently released report that suggested the NSA collected user information from apps "like" Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment has released a press release saying that they definitely didn't collude with the NSA to provide that information. It was probably those darn pigs, is what it was.

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    Check out Critical Hit, A New VG Cover Band Founded By World of Warcraft‘s Composer [Video]

    Jason Hayes really likes video game music -- as the in-house composer for Blizzard Entertainment, it's sort of his thing. But apparently writing for World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, and Starcraft wasn't fulfilling enough, because now he's got a new project where he brings professional musicians together to perform famous video game songs.

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    The Angry Birds Star Wars Sequel You Never Wanted is Coming

    I am one of those people who falls squarely into the "irrational yet intense and passionate hatred for Angry Birds" camp. There's just something about how it's being marketed -- I see more Angry Birds Star Wars merchandise in store now than I see actual Star Wars merchandise, and that upsets me on a visceral level I can't quite understand or verbalize. So with the news that Angry Birds Star Wars II has both a trailer and a launch date looming for the new game, as well as a line of interactive Skylanders-knockoff toys, you can imagine the day I'm having. To borrow a phrase that I'm sure none of the four-year-olds Rovio and Hasbro are currently marketing these toys towards will get, I've got a bad feeling about this.

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    Doing Some Last Minute Egg Decorating? Why Not Make Angry Bird Eggs?

    It's already late Easter morning here on the east coast, but if you've been putting off decorating eggs and find yourself in need of some inspiration, why not give this a try: Kitchen Overlord's Chris-Rachael Oseland has instructions on how your eggs can look like the Angry Birds. She's also got an Angry Birds cocktail garnish for helping get through awkward family dinner.

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    NASA Lures Kids to Florida, Space Education With Angry Birds Exhibit

    We need to get kids interested in space, obviously. We need many of them to grow up and become astronauts, or man the ground controls at NASA, or at least help counter future space funding cuts, but how, exactly, can we get kids to like space? Well, since we can't send dinosaurs into space, NASA is doing the next best thing: They've created an Angry Birds space exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center! Now kids have no choice but to go there and collaterally learn about the universe.

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    To Nobody’s Surprise, Kids Play Angry Birds More Than Educational Games

    Any day now, I will become a parent. To prepare, I've been looking at a lot of apps that claim to be educational and fun for children, but what I already know from being an uncle is that kids don't care about those educational apps. They just want to play Angry Birds. The good news -- depending on your definition of that, I guess -- is that my experiences with my nephews has just been borne out by science. A new study shows that kids log more time play Rovio's Angry Birds games than any educational games, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Angry Birds is a great primer for learning physics.

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    Every Gesture Used to Beat Angry Birds Visualized on Paper

    Of all the games that have come and gone on smartphones, Angry Birds continues to be the front-runner for the platform's most successful franchise. That's painfully obvious, considering there's even a Star Wars version out there. In general, casual gaming has never been as hot as it is right now, and artist Evan Roth knows it. As a way of commenting on the new ways in which we interact with our slew of gadgets, Roth's created an art installation that visualizes the gestures used to beat every level of Angry Birds out of ink and paper.

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    Angry Birds Star Wars is Rovio’s “Best Angry Birds” Yet

    Because either franchise hasn't been milked enough, starting November 8, Angry Birds Star Wars will be released to the masses. Sure, the above picture is actually amusing, but do we need another Angry Birds so soon after the last few? According to Rovio's Mighty Eagle, Peter Vesterbacka, this version of Angry Birds is the "best Angry Birds [they've] ever done." You know, until two weeks from now when the next one is announced.

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    Gameplay Mechanics for Bad Piggies, Rovio’s Angry Birds Follow-Up, Revealed

    For quite a while, there were rumors that Rovio would follow up their insanely successful Angry Birds franchise with another game from the perspective of the villainous pigs. It's been official for a bit now, but with Bad Piggies, players won't help suicidal birds end their own lives in order to save their young, but will build contraptions to help pigs kidnap the avian young.

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    Angry Birds Teams Up With Green Day For Some Reason

    Just when you thought that, maybe, possibly, the Angry Birds craze might've died down just a little bit ever since the titular birds with emotional problems went to space, they team up with one of your favorite bands from your days in middle school. For some reason, a Green Day expansion to Angry Birds is now a thing that exists in an official capacity. However, for a band whose best song (as far as I'm concerned) is about duct-taping explosives to oneself and going kamikaze on a room full of people (probably metaphorically?), teaming up with a game about birds that go kamikaze on some pigs could be argued to make some amount of sense.

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    Design Students Craft Slingshot Controller for Angry Birds

    A pair of students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design just made playing Angry Birds on your computer significantly more realistic. Also, a lot more goofy looking. Andrew Spitz and Hideaki Matsui collaborated on a slingshot-inspired force feedback controller for the PC version of Rovio's omnipresent casual gaming hit, dubbing the result Super Angry Birds.

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    Rovio Announces Details on Amazing Alex, Their First Post-Angry Birds Game

    With eyebrows reminiscent of the Red Bird, Amazing Alex is set to become the next mobile and tablet game for Angry Birds makers Rovio. Like Angry Birds, Amazing Alex will be a physics puzzler but one that relies on "chain reactions" instead of avian lobbing. It actually sounds pretty awesome.

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    Angry Birds Has Now Been Downloaded Over One Billion Times

    If you don't think the casual gaming market is, unfortunately, the wave of gaming's future, Rovio has something to say about that. Their suicidal bird franchise, Angry Birds, has now been downloaded over one billion times. To put some perspective on that number, the human population was estimated to finally hit seven billion. Rovio made a little cartoon for everyone saying thanks, which you can view after the break.

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    Angry Birds Company Rovio Made Mad Bank in 2011, Eyes IPO and New Game

    Rovio, the Finnish company behind the iOS/Android/every-other-platform-ever hit Angry Birds has announced their financials for 2011. Not surprisingly, the company made a ridiculous amount of money -- just shy of $100 million, or 75.4 million Euros. Not surprisingly, this has put the company in a good position to begin the work of taking Rovio public.

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