1. Weird

    Maine Man Accidentally Saves Baby Porcupine After Trying to Harvest Its Dead Mother’s “Valuable Mineral Deposit”

    A man in Lisbon, Maine rescued a baby porcupine over the weekend. If we just stopped there this would be an adorable story, but every detail of this thing gets progressively weirder.

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  2. Science

    Science Finally Tackles the Tough Question, “Does Your Dog Love You?”

    Thursday February 20th is world "Love Your Pet Day." That's all well and good, but do our pets--specifically dogs--love us back? That's what researchers at the University of Adelaide wanted to find out, and they're getting answers by studying puppies. Sometimes science is adorable.

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  3. Weird

    Monkeys Knocked Out Power Across the Country of Zambia, Prepare for the Monkey Revolution

    We've already addressed the squirrel menace, and the surprising frequency with which they knock out power here in the US, but it seems other countries have animal problems of their own. Monkeys knocked out all power in the country of Zambia recently. What are you planning, Zambian monkeys?

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  4. Science

    The Fox Has a New Secret: The Secret of Its Dive-Bombing Magnetic Hunting Technique

    You know what? Who cares what the fox says. It can jump into the air and land face first on its tiny prey right through several feet of snow. As far as we're concerned, it can say whatever it wants, because it's a deadly supernatural killing machine that we're glad is too small to hunt humans. Also, it's pretty hilarious to watch, so why don't you.

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  5. Weird

    Australian Eagle Steals Wildlife Camera, Takes Selfies, Wins Our Hearts

    Hey, Australia. You know that wildlife camera you put out by the Kimberly Margaret River? Yeah. That belongs to the eagles now. Watch as the camera gets carted off by a sea eagle. It seems even eagles can't resisted taking pics of the wing when they're flying, or snapping selfies when it gets home. We love you, eagle.

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  6. Science

    Everybody Pees, and Most Mammals Pee in the Same Amount of Time

    Mammals range in size, and so do their bladders. A great dane can hold about 0.4 gallons of urine, while an elephant can store 42 gallons. You might think that means it takes an elephant longer to pee and empty its bladder, but you'd be wrong. Regardless of size, mammals take nearly the same amount of time to pee. That's a thing we know now.

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  7. Tech

    #FollowFriday: Jon Mooallem (@jmooallem)

    It's #FollowFriday again, but instead of dumping a bunch of Twitter handles together with a #FF tacked on the end, we'd rather focus on one person each week and really make a case for why you should follow them. This week it's writer Jon Mooallem, or as he's also known, @jmooallem.

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  8. Space

    Bald Eagle Soars Near NASA/Orbital Sciences Cygnus Launch

    Lately it seems like animals are taking an increased interest in space. A frog photobombed the LADEE launch, and now a bald eagle was spotted getting a bird's-eye view of Wednesday's Cygnus launch. See, even eagles like space!

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  9. Weird

    Butterflies are Monsters Who Drink the Tears of Turtles

    Butterflies drink the tears of turtles, and new research may have discovered the reason why. It's not -- as I initially expected -- because they crave sadness. It's because they need the sodium in those sweet sweet turtle tears, which are actually one of the least disgusting sources of sodium butterflies use.

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  10. Weird

    Bulletproof Squirrel Most Hardcore of All Squirrels

    We've talked about the hellscape squirrels will launch us into when they disable our electrical grid. Some of you might think, "Well why don't we just shoot all the squirrels?" Nope! You can't, because squirrels don't care about getting shot. At least this one squirrel doesn't. He was hit with a bullet and just keeps right on squirrelin'.

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  11. Weird

    Wasps Get Bored, Bored Wasps Get Drunk, Drunk Wasps Get Mean

    Wasps are basically tiny little nightmares when they're just doing regular wasp stuff, but the idea of a bunch of wasps getting drunk and looking for a fight is some next-level terror. The British Red Cross is warning citizens of the increased danger from drunk wasps, and the problem basically stems from unemployment.

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  12. Weird

    Somebody’s Filed a Freedom of Information Act Request To Find Out More about Squirrel-Related Power Outages

    America's enemies are targeting our power infrastructure and the government is hiding it from us. And no, I don't mean terrorists -- I'm clearly talking about the squirrels who keep chewing through our power lines, as the NYT reported last week. Thank god one courageous woman is ready to get to the bottom of this consquirrelacy.

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  13. Weird

    The Number of Power Outages Caused by Squirrels this Summer is Nuts

    Squirrels are pretty much going to launch us all into a nightmare Revolution-like future that, like the show Revolution will be boring and difficult to sit through. At least that's our unfounded takeaway from a New York Times piece outlining a surprisingly high number of power outages caused by squirrels this summer.

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  14. Entertainment

    Shrew Centipede: Infinitely Cuter Than Human Centipede [Video]

    Today in Things I Didn't Know Nature Did, we're treated to this video of shrews in Russia forming a vast living centipede made entirely of shrews. Apparently, though, these caravans are the travel method of choice for shrews -- at least when their den has been disturbed.

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  15. Science

    New Mammal Species Discovered In Western Hemisphere For The First Time in 35 Years and It’s Adorable

    New species of insects, amphibians, or fish are to the natural world like what Starbucks are to major urban areas. ll you have to do is start walking in any direction and you will eventually find one. New mammal species are trickier to find, but recent research published in ZooKeys takes note of a newly discovered critter, the olinguito.

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