1. Weird

    This Animated Version Of Your Favorite Cat Videos Is Way More Beautiful Than We Originally Anticipated

    Remember Richard Swarbrick? A few months ago, he posted this Doctor Who animation that made us cry, and then really made us cry when we set it to a-ha's "Take On Me." Well, he's back with a brand-new video, turning your all-time favorite internet cat videos into this beautiful animation.

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  2. Tech

    We Could Watch This 3D Printed Stop Motion Bear All Day And We Will

    A lot of people are worried that CGI will replace stop motion animation because it's less time-consuming and ultimately less expensive. If this little guy is any indication, however, then stop motion will never go away, because there will always be someone willing to put in a ridiculous amount of effort to make it happen.

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  3. Entertainment

    The Japanese Opening For The 90s X-Men Cartoon Is So Much Cooler Than The One We Got

    We loved the opening credits for the 90s X-Men cartoon - until we saw the two Japanese openings. The cute character spotlights are nothing compared to crazy cartoon violence. Sure, flying around in front of your name is cool, I guess, but have you considered lightning volcanoes? They even manage to make Jubilee look bad-ass (no easy feat).

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  4. Entertainment

    New Homestar Runner Animation Available Now!

    Obviously it's April 1st, so any too-good-to be true news piece of news should be taken as that. But this is no cruel hoax: new Homestar Runner animation is available today for the first time since 2010! Also back? My misplaced nostalgia for high school. Oh, for my teen Girl Squad youth!

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  5. Space

    Adorable Animation Illustrates The Size Of The Universe Without Making You Feel Small And Insignificant (Much)

    The universe is gigantic and constantly expanding, and that very concept kind of terrifies us and hurts out brains simultaneously. Instead of trying to imagine how tiny we are by yourself, let Liz - an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich - and her excellent accent explain it to you with super-cute animation by Beakus.

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  6. Entertainment

    Jon Benjamin Narrates This Wonderful Animated McSweeney’s Story “Ballad of a WiFi Hero”

    Have you ever wanted an old school video game-style animated version of the McSweeney's story In Which I Fix My Girlfriend's Grandparents' WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero narrated by Archer's own H. Jon Benjamin? So did Vulture so they made it happen.

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  7. Entertainment

    Learn More About the Awesome Animation Sequences in Cosmos From Producer Kara Vallow

    If you happen to watch Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on Sunday night at 9pm—and you should, because it's incredible—then you're going to notice a lot of really gorgeously animated sequences over the course of the series. We wanted to know what went into making these parts of the show, so we went straight to the source.

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  8. Entertainment

    Brush Up On All The Houses of Westeros With This Fan-Made Minimalist Game of Thrones Opening

    Does anyone else every get kind of dizzy watching the official Game of Thrones opening sequence, with all the weird twists and turns in perspective? For those of us who prefer the Westerosi continent to be just a little more linear, a few animation students from the Atelier de Sèvres put together this gorgeously rendered sequence.

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  9. Space

    Get Your Primitive Primate Brain to Understand the Big Bang Better With This Handy Animation

    It's hard for humans to understand how the universe began, because it all started from a point where the laws of the universe as we know it and the measurements we use to understand it break down. This animation will help you get a better handle on the the parts of the Big Bang that we can currently explain.

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  10. Weird

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s an Insane Animation With Video Games, Rocket Launchers, Assassinations, and Love

    People have differing opinions about Valentine's Day, but we think this video covers just about all of them. There's a love story, an assassination plot, rockets, video games, satellites, ice cream, and Tuzki--whatever Tuzki is.

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  11. Entertainment

    “Blink To The Future” Is The Doctor Who/Back To The Future Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed

    James Farr - the same guy who's making those incredible Star Wars/Nintendo mash-ups we've been bringing you - has created the best Saturday Morning Cartoon ever: a timey-wimey gigawatty blast where Doctor Who meets Back To The Future. Basically, Rory is Marty McFly and the TARDIS gets DeLorean'd.

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  12. Gaming

    6 Awesome Facts About the Dreamcast, As Told Through Beautiful Stop-Motion

    Oh, Dreamcast, you magnificently misunderstood machine. Perhaps you were just too beautiful for your time, but we're still fascinated by you. So is Vsauce, apparently because they've just released this lovely animation the reveals the Dreamcast's inner workings and six interesting facts. Take a look!

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  13. Science

    Watch the Entire History (and Future) of the Universe in Animated Form [Video]

    All of time and space, and you don't even need a TARDIS! You also won't get shot at or need to run away as much danger as the Doctor does. Instead, you only need YouTube channel Kuzgesagt's handy animated guide on the history of everything (that we're aware of), which puts the entire story of the universe into charming, colorful perspective.

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  14. Entertainment

    1966 Batman Opening Done with Stop Motion Toy Animation, Plus Cute Woman in Catwoman Costume

    Mattel recently released a line of 1960's-inspired Batman toys. Logically someone used them to make a stop motion animation version of the opening credits of the show. That person was Kyle Roberts and the team at RECKLESS ABNDNMENT, and they did a wonderful job.

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  15. Entertainment

    Got a Minute? Watch All of The Big Lebowski in Latest Speedrun Animation

    1A4STUDIO's animated Speedrun videos are one of my favorite things, especially when they are of movies I love. I'd like nothing more than to sit down and watch The Big Lebowski right now, but I simply don't have time. Thankfully, they've compressed the epic tale of a man and his rug down to 60 perfect seconds. Enjoy.

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