1. Entertainment

    Japanese Writers Make Fun of America’s Ninja Obsession in Ninja Slayer Trailer

    Seriously, guys -- what is up with our weirdo ninja fetish in this country? You know what ninjas actually were? Feudal-era Japanese spies. That's it. They weren't super-duper magical repositories of ancient wisdom and power. Here, this is what you sound like when you write dumb action cartoons about mystical ninjas or whatever. Take note.

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  2. Gaming

    Sega Is Producing a Magical Girl Anime Starring Personifications of Their Game Consoles

    Sega's awkward phase just keeps getting stranger. After they ditched manufacturing consoles and transitioned to games only, they've mostly banked on their backlog and Sonic to draw people in, but I wouldn't say it's been a wild success. Now, they're producing an anime based on anthropomorphized versions of their consoles.

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  3. Entertainment

    Don’t Freak Out But There’s New Art for the Sailor Moon Reboot

    Yesterday the official website for the upcoming Sailor Moon reboot published an 8-day countdown to.... something. But the best laid plans of mice and talking moon cats often go awry, and a bunch of intrepid fans uncovered the big surprise anyway: new images revealing the art style and title of the series.

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  4. Entertainment

    The Time-Old Question Continues On: Is Avatar Anime?

    It's literally a question that friends of mine have been asking since high school -- does Avatar: The Last Airbender, an American-made cartoon with strong Asian influences, count as an anime? My inclination is just to stop at saying "no, it's not," but of course PBS Idea Channel takes it farther than I would, because that's what they do.

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  5. Entertainment

    “Throw Stones” Is A Stunningly-Beautiful Song Tribute To Sailor Moon

    Singer-songwriter Mary Bichner is an incredibly-talented vocalist and composer - and also a huge fan of Sailor Moon. When you put her passions together, you get "Throw Stones," a haunting tribute to Sailor Galaxia (a character who appears towards the end of the Sailor Moon story-arc).

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  6. Tech

    Things Get Weird in All of the Microsoft Viral Anime Marketing We Found

    After we found Microsoft's crazy new Internet Explorer mascot video today, we went on a trip down the Internet rabbit hole and found out there was a whole world of Microsoft product anime personification out there. We barely made it out with our sanity, and we brought some of the craziness back with us for your enjoyment.

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  7. Tech

    Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Anime Mascot Video Is Completely Bonkers [Video]

    Internet Explorer's new mascot, Inori Aizawa, is a personification of Internet Explorer who fights robots with blue screens of death, which we're surprised no one at Microsoft noticed before this video went out. She also has a Facebook page dedicated to furthering the personification of IE as an anime girl, so we're a bit creeped out.

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  8. Entertainment

    Are the Titans in Attack On Titan Really All That Evil? [Video]

    Full disclosure: none of us have seen the new anime Attack on Titan yet. We know, We're sorry. We've all heard really good stuff about it, if that makes it any better. Mike Rugnetta of PBS: Idea Channel has seen it, however, and he has a lot of real interesting... well, ideas! That's kind of his thing, and he sure is great at it.

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  9. Entertainment

    Warner Bros. Refuses to Let Akira Adaptation Die, Brings Back Director

    There was once a time when the world seemed more just. Kids played outside, the streets were clean, and the Akira live-action adaptation that Warner Bros. has been trying to force down our throats seemed dead in the water. That time is over.

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  10. Entertainment

    Today in Japan: Trailer for Live-Action Gatchaman Movie

    Gatchaman successfully exported the American superhero genre into a popular Japanese anime in the 1970s. After several unsuccessful attempts to create a live-action movie, Nikkatsu studios filmed the project last year, and it is set for an August release date (in Japan).

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  11. Weird

    The Anime That Tumblr Invented Based on a Promotional Video’s Really Happening

    This is kind of complicated, but the facts boil down to this: A 30-second promo spot for Animation DO, a studio that was spun off from Kyoto Animation, featuring a bunch of young male swimmers dropped, this got picked up on Tumblr, which in turn created an entire fandom based around the fictional anime series. Still with me? Okay, well, to add another layer to this cake of Internet goodness, Kyoto Animation has officially announced that they're now going to actually make it a real anime series. Yeah.

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  12. Entertainment

    The New Ghost in the Shell Anime Looks Strange, Will Likely Include Existential Crises

    If there's one anime that I could watch again and again, it'd probably be Ghost in the Shell. The series never really managed to maintain my interest, but the films -- both of them -- were and are fascinating to watch. Major Motoko Kusanagi is far and away my favorite protagonist of any film ever. That being said, there's a new prequel anime coming out called Ghost in the Shell: Arise. To be blunt, this doesn't exactly look like the Ghost in the Shell many of us know and love.

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  13. Entertainment

    Warner Bros. Eyes Nic Mathieu for Robotech Directorial Duties

    With Optimus Prime and the other Transformers practically rolling in the money generated from their titular film franchise, and relishing their renewed relevance in pop culture, it was only a matter of time before another '80s cartoon series featuring giant transforming robots -- relax, it's not Gobots -- dove in for a piece of the proverbial pie. Warner Bros. is planning to release a contemporary and live-action take on the revered Robotech anime from 1985 which introduced so many children of that generation to mecha and the multifaceted complexity of an animated space opera. Numerous writers have been working on the screenplay for quite some time, but no director has ever been selected to helm the project. It's now being reported that Warner Bros. is in talks with commercial director Nic Mathieu to helm the film, even though he's pretty much only ever done commercials.

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  14. Weird

    The Otter GIF That Helped Ensure President Obama’s Victory

    There are two ways to ensure that workplace mistakes are kept to a minimum. The first is breathing down the necks of your employees and berating them for every little flub they make, which in the long run can become counterproductive and incites office mutiny. The second, and the least damaging to their fragile self-esteem, is the use of a dancing otter GIF set to Kenny Loggin's "This Is It" to let them know they done goofed. The security engineer for the tech operation of Barack Obama's recent campaign, Ben Hagen, pioneered this method, and obviously helped ensure the President's victory.

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  15. Entertainment

    This Bizarre Anime Short From the Studio Behind Ghost in the Shell Exists Thanks to Mercedes-Benz

    The best way to promote any product in Japan is obviously through an anime short. The setting for said short must be a decade or so from now, that way the animators can play with some totally sweet futuristic flourishes. Also, the first protagonist has to be an adorable petite girl, or the rest won't work at all. This is all apparently known to Mercedes-Benz, the car manufacturer, as they partnered with anime studio Production I.G -- the studio behind Ghost in the Shell -- to produce a short exactly like that to promote the release of the next A-Class model in Japan. Seriously.

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