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    Here’s How to Catch Tomorrow’s Rare Solar Eclipse, Backyard Astronomers!

    Tomorrow morning there's going to be a super-rare type of solar eclipse, and - if you're lucky enough to live in the right places - you can check it out for yourself. Here's how and where you can catch the solar eclipse on Sunday, November 3rd!

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    Here’s How Last Weekend’s Annular Eclipse Looked From Space

    While people on Earth were looking up to see the moon pass in front of the sun during last weekend's spectacular annular eclipse, astronauts and satellites were looking down. What they saw was decidedly less dramatic than a fiery ring around the black disk of the moon, but no less awe-inspiring. Instead, they saw the shadow our lunar neighbor cast.

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    11 Fantastic Photos and Videos of Yesterday’s Annular Eclipse

    Yesterday, some folks were treated to an annular eclipse -- where the Moon passes between the sun and the Earth, but its apparent size is not enough to actually cover the sun entirely. The result is untold numbers of beautiful pictures of a fiery ring in the sky. We've gathered some of the best photos and videos of this astronomical event from around the world. Please see them after the break, won't you?

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