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    We Fed a Bunch of Celebrities Into the Carlos Danger Name Generator for Your Amusement

    So disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner's at it again, huh? The good news is that this time he thought to come up with an alias, because as we all know, calling yourself "Weiner" while sending dick pics to women is literally asking to be ridiculed. The bad news is that the name he chose -- Carlos Danger -- is even more ludicrous. The best news is that there's a Carlos Danger Name Generator over at Slate so you can create you own, and it's glorious. That's why we fed the names of a bunch of celebrities into it.

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  2. Entertainment

    Kevin Spacey Spoofs White House Correspondents’ Dinner With House of Nerds [Video]

    Last night was the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, or "Nerd Prom" as it's jokingly called. Besides a performance by talk show host Conan O'Brien, the dinner also featured a parody of the Netflix series House of Cards with the star of the show Kevin Spacey reprising his role as Frank Underwood. The clip features a number of political figures playing themselves, and also a Big Gulp.

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