1. Tech

    Get Your First Glimpse at What the Bigger iPhone Screens Will Probably Look Like

    Everybody and their grandmother complained that the iPhone's screen didn't get any bigger between the 5 and 5s when the latter was released. Well, you can all hakuna your collective matatas, friends. If these photos are any indication, your wish will soon be granted.

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  2. Tech

    Samsung Doubles Down on Apple Attack Ads by Mocking the iPad Air “Pencil Commercial”

    Samsung released a second attack ad on Apple today, this time mocking their memorable "Pencil Commercial" for the iPad Air. Like the Note 3 vs. iPhone 5S commercial we saw earlier, this one is all about size. This time they're comparing the thinness of the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 to the iPad Air. Samsung seems really, Really focused on size lately.

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  3. Tech

    Samsung Calls Out Apple and Its Tiny Screens in Latest Ad Comparing the Note 3 to the iPhone 5S

    Often when companies try to crap on their competition it can seem childish and petty, but I think Samsung is pretty good at it--particularly when they're crapping on Apple like in this new ad comparing the Galaxy Note 3 to the iPhone 5S. It even has real basketballman LeBron James.

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  4. Tech

    Apple Has Heard Your Cries, Bigger iPhones Are on the Way!

    The iPhone 5S had a lot of great features and impressive specs... that screen, though. Four inches is wimpy compared to Apple's competitors, but while the competition grew, it seemed Apple was in no rush to follow suit—until now. They're reportedly getting ready to drop two newer, larger iPhones.

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  5. Tech

    Happy 30th Anniversary, Creepy Orwellian Nightmare Apple Commercial!

    We know a lot of our readers weren't alive 30 years ago. Heck, I'm the only writer on the site who was, and I was but a wee babe on January, 22nd 1984 when this iconic Apple ad ran for the first and only time during the Super Bowl (which is a football match.) That one airing was enough to burn into the world's brain forever.

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  6. Tech

    Geek Etiquette: Is the Kid in That Apple Christmas Commercial Being Rude?

    We're pushing out our Geek Etiquette post a few days early this week because it ties in nicely with Apple's latest ad depicting a teenager seemingly putzing around on his phone during a family holiday, only to reveal he's been cutting a cute little movie together. We ask: Movie or no, is that kid being rude to his family?

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  7. Weird

    Samsung Did Not Pay Apple $1.05 Billion in Coins, Internet. Come on

    An old Internet myth seems to be rearing it's made-up head, and people are once again sharing the story of how Samsung paid off a $1.05 billion court-ordered settlement with Apple in 30 truckloads of nickels. Except... they obviously didn't. Besides this being an old myth, let's look at why it's so ridiculous. Simply put - sheer volume.

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  8. Tech

    Anki DRIVE Remote Control AI Race Cars Are on Sale Today and They Are Amazing

    Anki's vision of bringing video games into the real world using sophisticated AI is realized today with the release of Anki DRIVE. The adorable little cars are controlled by AI or remote control from your iOS device and are now available at Apple stores in a 2 car bundle for $199. Additional cars are $69.

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  9. Tech

    New iPad Air, OS X Mavericks Released and More Announcements from Today’s Apple Media Event

    Today, Apple announced new iPads, new MacBook Pro models, and that OS X Mavericks will be available starting today as a free upgrade. We've got all of those highlights and more from their special media event.

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  10. Tech

    Watch Live Stream of Today’s Apple iPad Announcement [Updating]

    We were left wanting for a live stream during Apple's big iPhone 5S/5C announcement last month, but it seems today we'll actually get one for the iPad announcement. Apple TV owners should already have a channel for the event, and we expect Apple will host it on their site and other devices as well.

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  11. Tech

    Apple Reportedly Slashes iPhone 5C Orders In Favor of More 5S

    Remember how the 5C was touted as a colorful, cheaper option to the iPhone 5S that everybody was going to want for themselves? Eh. Apparently it's not as popular as Apple was hoping, because they just told two of their biggest producers that they'll be drastically reducing their orders of the 5C for the forth quarter. Trouble in iParadise, maybe?

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  12. Tech

    iPhone 5s Taking Cues from Microsoft With “Blue Screen of Death” Problems

    In a cruel twist of fate, Apple's newest darling, the iPhone 5s, seems to have come down with a plague thought to only exist on PC platforms — the "Blue Screen of Death." That's right, 5s users have been treated to unexplained and frustrating freezes and forced reboots.

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  13. Tech

    Siri’s Original Voice Actress Has Been Discovered

    Apple has never officially come forward with the name of the person who provided the voice that now comes standard with any iPhone 5, but now we're all pretty sure we know exactly who it is -- Susan Bennett, an actress living in Georgia.

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  14. Tech

    The iOS 7 Comes Out Today, So Here’s What You Can Expect To Change

    Good news for iPhone lovers, which we know a lot of you are -- iOS7 is supposed to be dropping today. Here's what you should do to prepare yourself for download, and some of the stuff you'll be able to do once you've got it on your phone.

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  15. Tech

    Microsoft Pulls Terrible Anti-Apple Ads, Is Still Bad at PR [VIDEO]

    Microsoft just can't seem to get PR right these days. The tech giant's latest publicity disaster comes in the form of a series of anti-iPhone ads, which Microsoft has just pulled from the airwaves hours after releasing them online. Because they're terrible. And not funny. And, really, just hardly watchable.

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