1. Tech

    You Can Now Search For Businesses in Yelp With Emoji

    So let's say that you need some coffee, but you don't know where to look for it, and you've also completely forgotten what it's called. I don't know, maybe you can't read or you've been in a traffic accident or something. Well don't worry, my confused friend! Now you don't have to know what it's called, just what it looks like.

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  2. Gaming

    The People Who Invented Threes Are Very Sad You Like 2048 More

    You've probably heard of the addictive game 2048, which has recently taken the Internet by storm and is ruining everyone's productivity. You've probably also heard of 1024, the game upon which 2048 is based. But have you heard of Threes, the game that 1024 is based on? Probably not, and Three's developers kind of hate that.

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  3. Gaming

    Review: Live Your Robot Apocalypse Fantasies While Getting in Shape With Battlesuit Runner App

    I'm pretty unmotivated when it comes to exercise, but I would like to be ready for an alien invasion or the rise of the machines. That's why I love the Battlesuit Runner app. It simulates a sci-fi robot/alien attack story to gamify your workout. It's more fun to run when you think you're going to get torn apart by robots if you don't.

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  4. Tech

    Here’s An App To Help You Avoid Human Contact, Especially At A Certain Texas Festival

    SXSW started today, and an Austin tech developer wants to ensure that Texas residents won't be too overwhelmed by the invading indie masses. Enter "Avoid Humans," an app that uses Foursquare to tell you what locations to steer clear of if you want to leave your house but not interact with your species.

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  5. Gaming

    Fall Out Boy To Release Their Own Flappy Bird Clone, Because That’s the World We Live in Now

    Missed out on the Flappy Bird craze? Do you also happen to be a scene kid stuck perpetually in the last decade? What must be your favorite pop punk band, Fall Out Boy, is here to solve all your problems with a soon-to-be-released game for the iOS and Android. Naturally, it's called Fall Out Bird.

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  6. Tech

    Get the Latest Forecast Updates from Adorably Dressed Cats with the Weather Whiskers App

    We'll admit that the new iOS7 weather app is pretty neat and all, but it's just so... devoid of cats. Can't we have something full of furry animals wearing funny clothing and acting like people? What's that? There is an app for that? Well, color us excited.

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  7. Tech

    Facebook Stops Pretending They Aren’t Trying to be Twitter Anymore, Unveils Trending Topics

    You know how everyone loves Twitter and totally doesn't make fun of it or anything? And they're always saying stuff like, "Man, I wish Facebook were more like Twitter?" Okay, me neither. But apparently we're not talking to the same people as Mark Zuckerberg, because the team that brought hashtags to Facebook has just added Trending Topics.

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  8. Tech

    Find ALL OF THE THINGS With These Tiny GPS Enabled Chips From Tile

    If you are gifted with the same talent I have for losing anything important the instant it comes into your possession, help may be on the way. Tile is bringing tiny, GPS enabled tags and an app to track them to iOS, and the system looks like a great way to track down everything from stolen bikes to where you put your wallet.

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  9. Tech

    There’s Finally an IFTTT App Available for iPhone

    Man, being on the Internet is too much work -- it's such a hassle to keep track of different social media websites, calendars, photo uploading services, and all the other stuff out there that you need a login for. Luckily, there's if this then that (abbreviated to IFTTT) to connect up all your most-used sites to work in tandem with one another.  If you're an IFTTT user with an iPhone, then hold onto your butts -- your life is about to get a lot easier. Two years after first launching, IFTTT  finally has a mobile app for the iOS.

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  10. Tech

    There’s Definitely No Way for Snapchat’s New “Snapkidz” Feature to Go Totally Wrong

    As we all likely know, Snapchat is a phone app that allows you to send self-destructing picture messages to your friends. Naturally this means that it's literally full of naked pictures, so your bratty little smartphone-wielding 8-year-old with hasn't been able to join in the fun. Well, not anymore -- now there's a feature in iOS that allows children under the age of 13 to use a protected form of the app called "Snapkidz," so your kid can take stupid pictures to their heart's content! Not that they can then send them anywhere, though.

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  11. Tech

    Facebook Wants Instagram to Be Vine Now or Something, Announces Video Capability

    Facebook seems pretty eager to get its little blue and white thumbs into every Internet pie, as evidenced by their buyout of Instagram two years ago. While it seems like they're not as interested in acquiring other companies right now, they definitely have no problem trying to move in on other people's turf by introducing their own versions of what they do. So now Instagram has announced that they're going to attempt the type of video publishing that's made Vine a, well, thing. Or whatever.

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  12. Tech

    IBM Wants Folks Developing Software for Watson Supercomputer So It Can Do More Than Win Jeopardy!

    Sure, the Watson Supercomputer is pretty great at Jeopardy!, but IBM thinks it's time to branch out. They're going to be giving software developers access to Watson with a goal to "launch an ecosystem where Watson is a service and you build applications around it," said CEO Ginni Rometty. Could Watson soon challenge -- and probably dominate -- Siri?

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  13. Tech

    Evernote Teases “New and Magical” Hardware Devices, But Gives No Details

    Evernote is a very popular cross-platform note-taking app, though personally I prefer Google Keep. It seems, though, that they're not quite content being an app on someone else's device. Evernote CEO Phil Libin says they plan to build "new and magical" Evernote devices. We love new devices here at Geekosystem, but I think the bigger story is that Evernote has discovered magic.

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  14. Tech

    Playboy Calls Your Bluff, Releases iPhone App With “Just The Articles”

    The long-time excuse of husbands, boyfriends, and anyone else who subscribes to Playboy without wanting to admit they like looking at photos of naked women has been that they just read it for the articles. Well if that's the case, you're in luck, because Playboy's new iPhone app doesn't have any nudity at all.

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  15. Tech

    We Go Hands On With Feedly’s Redesigned App, See If It Can Replace That Other Reader

    We've all been clamoring to find a new RSS reader since Google gave their Google Reader service a death sentence. In the first two days since Google's announcement, more than half a million Reader users defected by signing up with Feedly. The service started listening to their new users about what they can do better, and it looks like they took the suggestions to heart, because Feedly just launched new versions of their apps. I had an early look at the updates for Android and Firefox, and they're pretty great.

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