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    Get A Banner Ready: New Arrested Development Hits Netflix In May

    You guys, have you heard THE BEST news? Word dropped last night that new episodes of Arrested Development will make their debut on Netflix sometime in May. That means you've got just a few short months to brush up on your Bluth family apocrypha before the debut by giving the show another watch through or ten. Conceivably, this also means a chance to watch it in the first place if you haven't already. There must be people out there who haven't, right? If you're one of them, go watch it right now. Yes, like right now right now.

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    Arrested Development Movie: Now in Script Phase

    It's happening? Yes! It's happening. Not just "announced that it's happening," but the Arrested Development movie is really, actually in the process of happening and could possibly be out before the end of this year. Creator Mitch Hurwitz has confirmed in a recent interview that a script is being written right now and that they have a timeline for shooting and releasing the movie. So, when? Click through for the interview.

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    Arrested Development Movie “Not Going to Happen,” Says David Cross

    Arrested Development diehards have been whispering about the possibility of a movie based on the show seemingly since the day in 2006 that Arrested Development, like Firefly and so many other great shows, was cruelly canceled by FOX.

    The longshot possibility of an AD movie experienced a brief glimmer of hope last year when holdout Michael Cera finally agreed he'd participate. But now, we've got more bad tidings, courtesy of David Cross, who played everyone's favorite analrapist Tobias Fünke on the show: In an interview with TV Squad, he repeatedly said that an Arrested Development movie is "not going to happen."

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