1. Space

    Giant Asteroid’s Eclipse of a Bright Star Will Be Visible From New York and Nearby Areas on Thursday

    An asteroid called Erigone is going to give New York City and its surrounding areas a pretty good show on Thursday. No, it's not going to smash into us, which is for the best when you consider that it's about 42 miles wide. It's going to blot a bright star out of the sky for about ten seconds, which you won't even need a telescope to see.

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  2. Space

    There’s A Full Moon Tonight, And You Can Investigate A Lunar Crash Site

    Last September 11th, an asteroid collided with the moon at speeds of over 37,000 miles per hour, creating the brightest lunar explosion we've ever seen. Tonight's full moon will give astronomers the opportunity to investigate the site of the lunar impact; oh, and through a live webcast, you can watch too!

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  3. Space

    Yesterday’s Asteroid Wasn’t Alone, Another One to Buzz Us Much Closer Today

    Yesterday, a 100 foot-wide asteroid flew by Earth slightly closer than the moon at 217,000 miles away. It turns out it wasn't alone, though, and an asteroid about the size of a bus will hurtle by today. It might be much smaller, but today's asteroid, 2014 EC, will be 1/6 of that distance at only 34,000 miles away. The universe's aim is improving.

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  4. Space

    An Asteroid Hit Earth’s Atmosphere Last Night Just Hours after It Was Discovered

    An asteroid with a near-Earth orbit was discovered yesterday, which is great news for anyone who thinks we should make an effort to have a warning system in place for potentially dangerous flying space rocks. Unfortunately, it was discovered right as it was about to slam into the Earth's atmosphere, which makes us glad it was relatively small.

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  5. Entertainment

    Watch This Awesome Empire Strikes Back Original Storyboard Comparison

    Storyboarding is an essential part of the movie-making process, but how much of the original dream for a film actually makes it to the screen? In this side-by-side comparison of the asteroid field sequence from The Empire Strikes Back, we're able to see exactly how much of the sweet concept was transformed into reality.

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  6. Space

    Asteroid 2013 NJ Whizzed by Earth Today Closer than Anything Else on NASA’s Near Earth Object List [Video]

    Asteroid 2013 NJ is just one object on NASA's list of near-Earth objects, but it's remarkable in that it flew by significantly closer than anything else on the list. Passing by at about 2.5 times the distance to the moon, it was close enough to be visible to the naked eye, even though it's diameter is relatively small at 120-260 meters.

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  7. Space

    The United Nations Will Create an International Asteroid Warning Group to Protect the World from Devastation

    Like us, the United Nations also gets spooked by flying death rocks from space, and that's why they're moving forward with plans to create an International Asteroid Warning Group. The network of participating nations would let everyone know when there was an asteroid threat to the Earth and then launch a mission to ram it safely off course.

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  8. Space

    NASA Is Totally Sure That Giant Asteroid Won’t Hit The Earth In 2032 Probably

    You might have heard that Ukrainian astronomers spotted a giant asteroid headed straight for Earth, which could impact on August 26th, 2032 with a force fifty times greater than the largest nuke. But wait; before you run off and get "YOLO" tattooed on your forehead, NASA is here to tell us that we're all going to be completely fine. Probably.

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  9. Space

    Newly Discovered Asteroid Passed Earth Within Distance of the Moon This Morning

    While you were sleeping, an asteroid that was just discovered two days ago made a close pass by Earth at 2:35 a.m. ET. How close? Within lunar orbit close. There was nothing to worry about, as it was clear this asteroid -- roughly the size of the object that recently exploded over Russia -- had no chance of hitting the Earth. Though it is a little unsettling that it was discovered with so little time before its near miss, the bright side is that we discovered it at all. Every asteroid, it seems, has a silver lining.

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  10. Space

    Watch Live Stream Of Asteroid 2012 DA14 Buzzing Earth This Afternoon

    Well, by now you've probably seen and been equal parts terrified and mesmerized by the video of a meteor exploding in the skies over Russia, and if you haven't, take a couple of minutes and go do that right now, because seriously, it's incredible. When you're done, though, make sure you come back here to get an up close and personal look at 2012 DA14, a giant rock from space that so far as we can tell isn't going to explode in our atmosphere and blow out windows today, which is a nice change. Find out more about 2012 DA14 and watch NASA's live stream of the asteroid flyby  -- complete with commentary from NASA staff, who are full of all sorts of useful information about asteroids  -- right here starting at 2:00 pm EST.

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  11. Space

    What Are the Odds an Asteroid Will Hit Your House?

    Tomorrow the 143,000 ton asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass a mere 17,200 miles from the Earth. What does that mean for you? Nothing. There's no chance of DA14 hitting the Earth. We'll all be fine this time around, but hundreds of smaller objects strike the Earth every year. Our friends at Movoto have a handy calculator to get the odds that one will hit your house. Give it a try, and you'll probably feel a lot better about the whole thing.

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  12. Space

    European Space Agency Planning Mission to Deflect Asteroids, Could Inspire Armageddon 2

    A proposed mission by the European Space Agency seeks to send a pair of spacecraft out to a nearby asteroid to test the effects of smashing one of the crafts into the asteroid at 6.25 km/second. The primary goal is to see how well a possible method of asteroid deflection would work, but it won't do anything as spectacular as actually blowing up the asteroid. I guess they're saving that honor for Bruce Willis.

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  13. Space

    Nice Knowing You: Dangerous Asteroid Apophis is Bigger, More Dangerous Than We Thought

    The asteroid Apophis, clearly named for the Stargate SG-1 villain, has been called a "doomsday asteroid," because in 2004 there was a study that said there was a 2.7% chance of Apophis hitting Earth when it flies past us in 2029. That study has since been disproved, but astronomers are keeping a close eye on Apophis anyhow, which is due for another pass in 2036. One telescope in Europe has captured new images of Apophis that reveal it's even larger than initially believed. That can't be good.

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  14. Space

    NASA Reportedly Considering Proposal to Give the Moon a Smaller Moon of Its Own

    One of 2012's oddest and most interesting ideas in space exploration may be getting a renewed lease on life in 2013. According to New Scientist, NASA is "mulling over" a proposal by researchers at the Keck Institute for Space Studies (KISS) to give the moon a moon of its own. The idea, which would see NASA snag an asteroid from deeper in space and tow it back to the moon, where it would take up orbit around the Earth's only natural satellite, has apparently made it far enough to be considered for funding in NASA's next round of budgeting, and all we can say is "Oh, my yes."

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  15. Space

    Protoplanet Vesta Is Always Reapplying Its Celestial Makeup

    Many of us will be donning a fresh layer of  makeup and fake blood for this evening's many Halloween parties, but we're not the only ones in the solar system doing so. Vesta, which is either a giant asteroid or the beginnings of a planet that never quite made good on its potential, depending on who you ask, is continually updating its appearance. New data from NASA's Dawn mission shows that Vesta isn't affected by certain forms of cosmic weathering, and, in a way, manages to stay forever young, complicating efforts to gather information about the asteroid's history.

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