1. Space

    New Method Could Turn Astronaut Pee Into Drinking Water and Fuel

    Pee and other human waste (poop) are a problem in space. Processing astronaut urine for useable drinking water is nothing new on board the International Space Station, but a new process can recycle that urine into both water and energy—and it's not just limited to space. We could all soon be generating pee-fuel.

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  2. Space

    Space Farts Could Be Silent But Deadly Astronaut Killers

    Given the recent resurgence of interest in the cosmos, it's natural for us Earthlings to worry about the safety of the men and women bravely exploring the final frontier. But are we concerned enough about space farts? The risks posed by flatulence in a confined area are more than just hot air.

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  3. Science

    Space Weakens Flies’ Immune Systems, Probably Ours Too

    You've heard of butterflies and houseflies, but did you know there are...flies in space? Researchers at the University of California Davis hatched twelve Drosophilia "space flies" on the Space Shuttle Discovery to discover how microgravity affects their immune systems, as well as our own.

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  4. Space

    Mars Colony May Be Built From Bacteria And Astronaut Pee

    Obviously we're all hoping that at some point in the future there will be a colony on Mars we can visit in the interests of crazy spring break parties scientific advancement. But would you still want to visit if the Mars Colony was made of bacteria and astronaut pee?

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  5. Space

    [Updated] Watch Live Stream of Spacewalk as Astronauts Attempt to Repair International Space Station

    International Space Station astronauts will be working to repair the faulty coolant system with a series of spacewalks that begin early Saturday morning. You can watch live right here with coverage starting on NASA TV at 6:15AM EST with the spacewalk beginning at 7:10AM.

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  6. Space

    International Space Station Coolant System Still Malfunctioning

    The International Space Station's coolant system, which was supposed to have been fixed by a space walk months ago, is still acting up. Many of the space station's systems had to be powered down to avoid overheating as only the backup coolant system is functioning properly.

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  7. Space

    So It Turns Out Going To Space Can Have a Pretty Profound Impact On You [VIDEO]

    Though you can probably imagine that a trip to space is life-changing, it's hard for us regular folk to understand the impact such a trip could have on your psyche. In this video, former astronauts attempt to articulate the ways in which their lives changed upon returning to Earth after orbiting it. It's incredibly profound. Bring a tissue.

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  8. Space

    Watch an Astronaut Try to Get Into a Tent Because Chris Hadfield Wrote a Book

    Our Canadian Space Hero Commander Chris Hadfield has a book coming out on October 29th, and to promote it Book Lounge made this video of a fully suited-up astronaut trying to get into a small tent. We don't know why we love this, but we sure do love it.

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  9. Space

    Astronauts Survive Crazy Spaceflight Training In A Cave

    Six astronauts have survived an unorthodox new method of spaceflight training: marathon team spelunking! Spending almost a week underground, the training is designed to expose future astronauts to the isolation and danger awaiting them in outer space. I'm not sure if this makes me want to be an astronaut way more, or way less.

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  10. Space

    Data Error Delays ISS Supply Ship Cygnus

    We've been keeping you posted on the launch of the Cygnus cargo freighter that was due to rendezvous with the International Space Station early last night. Carrying 1,300 pounds of food and clothing supplies for the ISS crew, the Orbital Sciences ship attempted to dock with the ISS at around 1:30am - but wasn't able to complete its mission.

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  11. Space

    Japan’s Talking Kirobo Robot Launched into Space, Headed for ISS

    We've covered the story of Kirobo, the 13-inch talking robot designed to keep Japanese astronaut Kochi Wakata company on the International Space Station before, and we're happy to report the little tike is on its way to the ISS after being launched on an H-2B rocket from Japan. I hope it gets along with Robonaut.

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  12. Space

    Dexter Wants to Go to Mars, Can’t Because He’s Seven, Gets Awesome Letter From NASA Instead

    In case you wanted to feel some space-feels today, here's a letter to NASA from seven-year-old Dexter. Dexter wants to be on NASA's first mission to Mars, but regrets to inform you that he won't be able to make the trip because he's seven. NASA replied with a letter and some Mars swag, and Dexter's mother posted pictures of it all to Reddit.

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  13. Space

    “Attending” Your High School Reunion From Space Means You Win Your High School Reunion

    Not everyone likes to admit it, but the real purpose of a high school reunion is to see how much better you're doing than all those chumps with which you graduated. It looks like everyone from the Henning High School class of '88 was shown up this year, because their former classmate is astronaut Karen Nyberg, and she "attended" the reunion via video link from the International Space Station. It's hard to brag about your job to someone floating 200 miles above you.

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  14. Space

    New Class of NASA Astronauts is 50% Women for the First Time Ever

    Great news for gender and race equality! The new class of NASA astronauts is 50% female for the first time in history. The class of eight astronauts are an equal mix of men and women, but is also made up of a variety of racial backgrounds making it the most diverse astronaut class in history. Let's take a look at the new astronauts.

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  15. Space

    Right in the Feels: Chris Hadfield Reflects on His Time Aboard the ISS [Video]

    All good things must end, it's said. As a perfect example of this, Chris Hadfield can't stay in space forever. He's set to return to the planet late tomorrow, May 13th, and it's kind of a bittersweet time for everyone that's grown to love his updates from the International Space Station. There's something magical about the way he's been able to rekindle personal interest in space over the course of his stay. There's a new, and likely final, video from Hadfield sharing his mission reflections, and it may or may not have made me tear up a bit.

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