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    Robert Downey Jr. Fills Our Hearts With Joy, Tweets Hilarious Age of Ultron Set Photo

    If he keeps this up, Downey stands to become the next Patrick Stewart in terms of unadulterated Twitter pic awesomeness. But who's responsible for this hilarious sight gag? Was it Downey himself? Come on, we bet it was probably Downey. Or possibly Jeremy Renner.

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    We’re Giving Away a Copy of Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher! Here’s the Trailer to Get You Pumped

    Age of Ultron is still over a year away, but there's more Avengers action to be had in the meantime with Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher, the new animated feature from Marvel out now. Check out this trailer featuring Black Widow and Punisher and get real excited because we're giving away a copy!

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  3. Entertainment

    Avengers 2 Has Started Filming So Let’s Judge All The Costume Choices

    One of the best things about modern society is that we can form concrete, immediate opinions about the films we're interested in before they've even been released. Ben Affleck as Batman? Screw that guy. New leaked images of the ninja turtles? I DON'T LIKE IT. But these Avengers 2 photos we been looking at aren't too bad, considering.

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  4. Entertainment

    Paul Bettany Is Officially Playing The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Much to the delight of Avengers 2-theorists everywhere (except the ones who thought it was going to be Agent Coulson, probably), Variety reported last night that Paul Bettany, the voice of Jarvis in the Iron Man franchise, has also been tapped to play The Vision.

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  5. Entertainment

    Stan Lee Will Not Be Getting A Guardians Of The Galaxy Cameo and Here’s Why

    Yes, it's true: Stan Lee recently revealed that he will not be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy in any way. But that's okay, we swear! The world isn't ending. He's got a perfectly reasonable explanation for why he won't be there.

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  6. Entertainment

    Comics to Read After Last Night’s SHIELD Episode “Seeds”

    Agents of SHIELD is back with a new episode, and this time they have actual references to actual Marvel comics and characters! That makes my job of recommending some comics to read after last night's episode "Seeds" a lot easier. Let's get started. (Spoilers. Obviously. Come on.)

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    Comics to Read After Last Night’s SHIELD “The Magical Place”

    I've been covering Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. diligently every week trying to find comic book origins for events or characters on the show instead of doing a standard recap. Some weeks are more of a challenge than others. This week... I'm really reaching for something that ties in even a little bit.

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  8. Entertainment

    Oh, Happy Day! Now There’s an Avengers: Derp Edition Trailer, Too [Video]

    Remember the Star Wars: Derp Edition trailer that was released last month, which featured scenes from the newly discovered Star Wars blooper reel as if they were part of the actual theatrical release? Well, the guy behind that video is at it again with this ridiculous version of the Avengers trailer on Slacktory.

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  9. Entertainment

    Comics to Read After Last Night’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Episode 3 “The Asset”

    It's that time of the week again where we go over the events of last night's Agents of SHIELD (officially dropping the periods) and recommend some comics for you to read. There are few spoilers if you missed the episode, but if you're all caught up come learn about the new villain!

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  10. Entertainment

    Did Simon Pegg Just Subtly Announce He’s Ant-Man? [Rumor]

    Alright. So. I think Simon Pegg is playing Ant-Man in his pal Edgar Wright's upcoming movie. He just tweeted a picture that literally points to that being the case. Take a look.

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  11. Entertainment

    Learn How to Make Agent Coulson Coleslaw With Agent Coulson Himself [Video]

    Clark Gregg is possibly the most adorable member of the Avengers cast -- and that's saying a lot considering how attractive all the people in that movie are. Don't believe us? Check out how funny he is in this episode of Cinema & Spice, a cutesy Yahoo Shine-sponsored show that focuses on healthy movie-inspired recipes. Hosts Julianna and Natasha teach him how to make mayonnaise-free coleslaw to put in their own shawarma sandwiches, and he makes a lot of Marvel-related puns and dorky faces while simultaneously promoting his new show, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In other news, I want to be his best friend.

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  12. Entertainment

    Robert Downey, Jr. to Return in Future Avengers Movies

    Speculation abounded in the aftermath of Iron Man 3, what with the end of Robert Downey, Jr.'s contract with Marvel. After negotiations, he has signed on to reprise his role in two more Avengers movies, the first of which is due to come out in spring 2015.

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  13. Entertainment

    One of Four Marvel Superheroines Will Allegedly Contract Cancer in Upcoming Storyline

    Marvel fans on top of their weekly comic book reading know that the publisher has been working hand-in-hand with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to promote breast cancer awareness in both men and women through variant covers -- featuring various heroes and heroines showing their support by donning pink -- and Captain and Iron Man discussing the importance of awareness and the foundation's mission in a full page ad. Continuing this partnership, Marvel allegedly has plans to craft an in-continuity storyline centered around a Marvel heroine contracting cancer. There is no official word at this time as to which one it will be, but Bleeding Cool says currently has four lined up to keep fans guessing.

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  14. Entertainment

    Joss Whedon Confirmed for Avengers Sequel and Marvel Television Show

    Joss Whedon finally looks to be getting his due. In an earnings call yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped the bomb that not only had Whedon signed an exclusive deal to write and direct a second Avengers movie, but he will also help develop a new live-action Marvel television show for ABC. Given that The Avengers has grossed $1.46 billion for Marvel and parent company Disney since May, this seems like a pretty good idea.

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  15. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 9/25

    Pac-Man is Moleskine (Kotaku) Miyamoto Wants to Make A Rubik's Cube? (Eurogamer) This Deer Made Out of Typewriter Parts is Adorable, Actually (Jeremy Mayer) Hello Kitty R2-D2 (Google News) Mark Zuckerberg on Oprah (Cindy W) Avengers Hulk Will Be Mo-Cap (Blastr) Samus and the Colossus (David-Hsu-Yen) (pic (click to embiggen) via Wondermark.)

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