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  1. Science

    Babies Keep Parents Sleep Deprived on Purpose So They Don’t Make Any More Babies

    Any new parent can tell you that sleeping through the night is a rare experience after babby is formed. According to Harvard biology professor David Haig, that may be on purpose. He says that babies intentionally wake parents up for overnight feedings to keep them from... making more babies.

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  2. Weird

    Study Finds Nearly 1% of American Mothers Claim to be Virgins

    A study recently published in the British Medical Journal says that nearly 1% of American mothers claim to be virgins even after giving birth. As far as we know, no major religions have formed around any of the claimed virgin births.

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  3. Weird

    Weird Al Yankovic Announces Fan’s Pregnancy Via YouTube Video

    Telling people you're going to have a baby can be daunting, and in the age we live in there's an implied pressure to do it in a fun and exciting way. Well, it doesn't get much more fun and exciting than having Weird Al announce your pregnancy in a YouTube video and that's exactly what one couple did.

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  4. Entertainment

    10 Female Characters I Almost Named My Daughter After, and One I Did

    My wife is pregnant with our first child, a daughter, and she's due any day now. Every time my phone rings I assume it's her calling to tell me she's gone into labor, but so far it hasn't happened. We talked a lot about names, and because I'm a nerd I pitched the idea of naming our daughter after a lot of different female characters from books, movies, television, and games. I'm writing this in advance, with the plan for this to go up when I have to leave when the baby comes. If you're reading this, I am panicking.

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