1. Weird

    China’s Great Wall Is Now Graffiti Friendly

    Do you have revolutionary political views (GIVE PEACE A CHANCE) or a budding relationship you want to commemorate for all time? New graffiti sections on the Great Wall of China now allow you to immortalize your genius for as long as the monument may stand. No pressure.

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  2. Entertainment

    Banksy’s October in New York Is Almost Over, So We Take a Look Back

    We recently found out that one of Banksy's latest works was done by buying a painting from charity thrift store Housing Works, adding to it, and then returning it. The thrift store now stands to raise a bunch of money off of the proceeds for charity, which was no doubt Banksy's goal. We take a look at what else he's done this month in New York.

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  3. Weird

    Banksy Cancels Art Because The Police Don’t Get It

    Banksy's scheduled art piece for today has been "cancelled due to police activity," according to the street artist's website.

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  4. Weird

    “Steal Banksy” Website Maps Out All Of His New York Artwork So You Can Steal It

    We've been a bit lax in reporting the past couple of Banksy pieces in New York, but that doesn't mean he's stopped unveiling them. If you want to play catch up, then the Steal Banksy website is a great place for tracking every painting across the 5 boroughs-- and every time they've been defaced, too.

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  5. Weird

    Okay, We’ll Admit it: Banksy’s Two Latest New York Artworks Are Pretty Great

    Last time we saw one of the pieces Banksy uploaded to his website we were kind of... well, bored, to be honest. These latest two are decidedly awesome and thought provoking, though, even if you're not sure you like street art.

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  6. Weird

    Banksy’s Latest Piece Is At Greenpoint, Says What Every Sarcastic Redditor Already Thinks

    Everything is more profound when a famous intellectual says it. That’s why people on the Internet are constantly misattributing stupid quotes to William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde. So if Banksy — who is also famous — says it, does that mean it’s officially his theory now? Or is Plato going to get credit for this [...]

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  7. Weird

    Here Are All the New Banksy Pieces You Missed Between Friday and Today

    Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Because the street artist Banksy sure did. He's been running around New York City all October as part of a self-proclaimed residency project, and he got a lot done since we last checked into his work on Friday. Come see for yourself.

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  8. Entertainment

    Why Do People Keep Defacing Banksy’s Work in New York ?

    This morning, Banksy posted three new images to his Instagram and website as part of his month-long romp around New York City. They haven't even been up that long, and apparently one of them has already been whitewashed. What gives?

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  9. Entertainment

    Banksy New York Scavenger Hunt: Day Three

    October is shaping up to be a great month for art geeks in New York City because Banksy is in town trying to put on an entire show on the streets of the city. It's become a de facto game, the object of which is to get to the piece before someone else tags over it. It's not even noon, and we're already late to today's party. Thanks a lot, Raffzilla.

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  10. Entertainment

    PSA: Banksy Is in New York!

    Get excited, fellow art geeks! Banksy is in New York for the month of October, and he's attempting to host an entire art show on the streets of the city. He started yesterday, and as soon as we heard about today's piece we headed over to catch it before it's painted over or tagged by other graffiti artists.

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  11. Weird

    80-Year-Old Woman Who Ruined That Jesus Fresco Just Sold a Painting on eBay

    Back in August the Internet exploded with pictures of an attempt at restoring a Spanish fresco that depicted Jesus called Ecce Homo or Behold the Man. The attempted restoration was done by an 80-year-old woman named Celia Gimenez. She is now widely considered to be the worst, but it hasn't stopped her from painting, and now Celia Gimenez just sold a painting on eBay for $1,421. What are the chances she's really Banksy?

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  12. Weird

    Banksy Doesn’t Seem Too Keen on U.K.’s Olympic Missile Plan

    By this point, you are no doubt aware that the U.K. Ministry of Defence is installing surface-to-air missiles around London as a deterrent against would-be airplane hijackers during the Olympics. As you can imagine, some people are unhappy about the idea of having heavy weapons next door. Popular street artist Banksy doesn't seem too happy about it either.

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  13. Weird

    Hanksy Brings an Awesome Pun to the World of Street Art

    England, you can keep your artistic, socially conscious, elusive street-poet Banksy, we have our own tongue-in-cheek, punny, irreverent ripoff: Hanksy. No one knows who Hanksy is, but one thing is for sure, the guy has excellent taste in puns. His art has been turning up all over New York's Lower East side and provides that nice, Tom Hanks pick-me-up that everyone needs. So far, it looks like his work consists entirely of ripping off Banksy and punning Tom Hanks' name, but that has more potential than you might think. I hope Hanksy gets his own art shows and documentary, "Exit Through the Drift Shop." Get it? Like Castaway? Drifting, like on a raft.

    Clearly, I'm not Hanksy.

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  14. Weird

    Banksy’s Identity (?) for Sale on eBay

    The identity of Banksy, one of the most prolific street artists in the world, is being sold on eBay. Banksy has famously kept his name a secret for a number of years, even while directing a film, so to be ousted over the internet -- assuming the sale is not a scam -- seems blasphemous. The bidding has nearly broken past the one million dollar mark, and will end Wednesday evening. The seller claims that he has matched the prices of Banksy's sold artwork with UK tax records, and is quite certain that his findings are completely legitimate. Banksy's website states that "Banksy neither produces or profits from the sale of greeting cards, mugs or photo canvases of his work. He is not represented by any of the commercial galleries that sell his paintings second hand and cannot be found on facebook/twitter/myspace etc.", so the seller's assertion seems shady at best.

    The winner of this auction is the only person I will ever share this information with. The piece of paper will say his name, nothing more.
    It's also possible that Banksy himself is selling the information (or pretending to) as some sort of social statement, but if not, lets hope that the buyer keeps the mystery alive. (eBay via Reddit)

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  15. Entertainment

    The Simpson‘s Korean Animators’ Working Conditions Are Just Fine, Thanks

    The animators of The Simpsons would like everyone to know that despite the Banksy directed "couch gag" containing a depiction of their workplace being full of rats, lacking in light, and enslaving children and unicorns and murdering kittens; their working conditions are actually pretty normal. Nelson Shin, who has worked on The Simpsons since it's first airing in 1989, told Time that
    The satire... gave the impression that Asian artists slave away in subpar sweatshops when, in fact, they animate much of The Simpsons every week in high-tech workshops in downtown Seoul. "Most of the content was about degrading people from Korea, China, Mexico and Vietnam," Shin fumed. "If Banksy wants to criticize these things ... I suggest that he learn more about it first."
    Banksy has declined to comment on the intended meaning of the sequence (understandable, since ideally a work of art should speak for itself), though Time argues that the conditions were likely aimed to represent workers in South Korea's northern neighbor.

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