1. Tech

    Prepare Your Barbies for Fearsome Medieval Combat With the “Faire Play” Kickstarter Campaign

    3D printer extraordinaire Jim Rodda, whom you might remember from his Open Source tabletop wargame Seej, is raising funds to begin a new project: he wants to create realistic, lavishly detailed 3D models of medieval armor made specifically for the Fashionista Barbie doll. Ken'd better watch himself, that's for sure.

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  2. Tech

    The Evolution Of The Mobile Phone in Media and Real Life

    If you are anything like the average person, your cellphone might as well be attached to you. However, hard as it is to believe, there was a time when that was not the case because cellphones didn't exist. Still, its uncanny how accurately their future was portrayed in media like Star Trek and, in a bizarre sort of way, Get Smart. Then, as they became available on the market, they grew up in media alongside reality. It started with a $4,000 brick-phone, and now when we're basically back to Star Trek communicators, except they're real.

    This handy infographic from Product Development Technologies illustrates all that and fills in the spots in between, when phones weren't hilariously huge or awesomely futuristic. If you have a phone, you owe it to yourself to know about it's ancestors and keep their memory alive. Also, knowing what year Barbie got a cellphone might win you a few bucks in a trivia competition or something.

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  3. Tech

    Is There a Lady-Produced Content Shortage at Wikipedia?

    The vast majority of contributors to Wikipedia are male, according to a New York Times piece that studied the user-curated site. Not only that, but the "female-oriented" entries are generally shorter and less comprehensive than those authored by men, "for men." Really? What, exactly, determines what women are interested in, and did the NYT really make fair comparisons? Um, no. That is the answer.

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  4. Entertainment

    Coming Soon: Mad Men Barbie Dolls

    Attention, Mad Men fans: Mattel has heard your prayers for $75 Barbie and Ken dolls in the style of your favorite characters from the show, and they have decided to answer them. Mad Men characters Joan Holloway, Roger Sterling, Betty Draper, and (of course) Don Draper are getting the Barbiefication treatment, although the stick-thin Joan doll certainly belies New York Magazine's recent cover story on Christina Hendricks and the rebirth of voluptuousness.

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  5. Entertainment

    Barbie’s New Job: Computer Engineer

    There are 10 kinds of dolls in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't. Of the former, Barbie is now happily among them. Mattel has announced that they will release Computer Engineer Barbie in "winter 2010." How did this come to be? How else?

    By Internet poll.

    Mattel decided to let the world decide on Barbie's 125th and 126th career themed dolls; allowing visitors to their site to choose between Environmentalist, Surgeon, News Anchor, Architect, and Computer Engineer. Then, of course, the Internet found out about it. At this point we would hazard to say that it was a foregone conclusion.

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