1. Weird

    Look at This Giant Australian Bat and Tell Me Nightmares Aren’t Real

    Look, we know the whole "nature-you-scary" angle is played out, but you guys: Look. At. This. Australian. Bat. He is the size of Batkid. He could be a bat on which Batkid rides to the scene of crimes. He could be a Batkidmobile. But he will never be, because this freaking enormous bat is now dead.

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  2. Science

    Ingenious Bats Use Curled Leaves as Their Own Batphones

    Much like Jim Gordon's Batphone, the curled leaves of some South American plants are carrying the calls of bats. OK, they're more like a megaphone than the Batphone, but the image of tiny bats calling Commissioner Gordon is too entertaining to ignore.

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  3. Weird

    Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee: Batman!

    This video has bats, the Batman theme song, and a strange selection of Batman images interspersed with bats messily devouring their prey. Does this video really need further explanation to get you to watch it? Seriously. Watch it. It's tremendous.

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  4. Science

    Further Evidence That Slow Motion Makes Things Better: Watch This Bat Lap Up Nectar

    I've never seen a bat lapping up nectar before, but even if I had I didn't see it in close up slow motion, and frankly that's the only way to watch a bat lap up nectar. This video from Brown University shows a species of bat that not only has a crazy long tongue, but it also has lingual papillae which fill with blood and extend from the tongue to create more surface area and pull in more nectar.

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  5. Science

    Here’s A Horrific Scientific Survey Of 50 Bats Being Captured By Spiders

    Here's some nightmare fuel you could have gone the rest of your life without knowing: every continent except Antarctica hosts spiders so large, they can trap bats in their webs. That's according to a study released earlier this month in the open-access journal PLOS ONE that records in often gruesome detail 50 incidents of spiders ensnaring bats. In related news, who is moving to Antarctica with me right the hell now?

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  6. Science

    Aww, They Think They’re People: Male Bats Perform Oral Sex on Females

    Earlier today, we brought you news of a sea lion that dances along to Backstreet Boys. This evening brings more news of animals partaking in an activity once thought to be the sole dominion of enlightened animals like us humans: Oral sex. Analysis of a colony of flying foxes in India found that males of the species perform oral sex on females. Yup, you read that right.

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  7. Weird

    True Facts About the Fruit Bat Will Leave You Wanting a Pet Fruit Bat [Video]

    The ever dependable and humorous Ze Frank has returned with another series of entertaining and (mostly) true facts about the noble fruit bat -- both the mega and micro varieties, so there's something for everyone. Watch the video below to learn more about the gentle, well-intentioned, and weirdly adorable breeds of bat that don't suck blood and try not to want one as a pet. Go on, try. You can't do it, because that would be amazing!

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  8. Science

    Conservationists Build IRL Batcave to Fend Off Fungal Disease in Bats, Store Giant Penny (We Hope)

    Bats are in bad shape, America. A fungal disease, white nose syndrome, is wiping our nests of the furry flyers from sea to shining sea, and all efforts to contain it have been met with failure. The wonderfully well-intentioned hippies at The Nature Conservancy are pulling out all the stops to stem the tide of the disease, though, crafting the world's first artificial bat cave as what they hope will be a sanctuary against the deadly epidemic. The high-tech lab and crime fighting hot rod are, as always, sold separately.

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  9. Science

    Bats Listen For Fly Sex Love Sounds, Interrupts And Eats Fly Couple

    Stefan Greif from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and team discovered that Natterer's bats listen for the sound of copulating flies to locate and eat them. Apparently, the bats can hear the buzzing noise emitted by male flies while mating, alerting them to the narrow window of opportunity to score a double meal.

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  10. Entertainment

    The Best Video of Nineteen Animal Species Auto-Tuned to Play a Song You’ll See Today

    The Internet Animal Orchestra, a brilliant video compilation painstakingly assembled by RatherGood, screaming monkeys, rabbits, snapping shrimp, a dog that screams 'elm,' a woodpecker, a cow, turtles and tortoises, a bald eagle, an echolocating bat, a boxer dog, an elephant, a husky that says 'I love you,' a Sumatran tiger cub, a sheep, a goat, a rooster, a humpback whale and her calf, a piano-playing pig, several owls and miscellaneous dogs join voices and noisy appendages to bring you one glorious song.

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  11. Science

    Science Alert: Drunk Bats can Still Fly Just Fine

    According to a new and very important scientific study, bats that are 'drunk' on fermented fruits and nectar have no trouble flying straight.

    Scientists theorize that bats have developed higher alcohol tolerance precisely because their diets contain so much natural alcohol:

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