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    New Batwoman Writer Announced, DC Gives Lame Excuse for Prohibiting Gay Marriage

    If you hate sadness and poor decision-making, you may have avoided reading news about DC Comics lately – and, after Batfleck, who would blame you? [Ed note: Batfleck is great. - Glen] But with the recent news about Batwoman, things seem to keep getting worse for the comics giant.

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    Batwoman Writers Walk Away From DC, Citing Too Much Editorial Interference

    Batwoman has consistently been one of the best titles in comics since it first hit shelves in September 2011. However, as we all know, DC likes to ruin everything it touches. So it's not surprising (but still soul-crushing) that writers J.H. Williams III and W.H. Blackman are leaving the book due to editorial changes demanded by DC.

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  3. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 12/19

    There's A Demo for Super Smash Bros if it Were on a GameBoy Now (Kotaku) If DC Comics Were Actually Little Nemo Stories (io9) Papa Sangre: A Videogame With No Video(Boingboing) Meanwhile, In Sweden... (Hoebeler6) Bungie's Holiday Greeting Card(GameInformer) Photoshop Tutorial Rap (College Humor) Play Us Off, Keyboard Robot! (New Scientist) (pic via DC Women Kicking Ass.)

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    DC’s WildStorm Shut-Down: What’s At Stake

    Yesterday DC Comics made a long expected announcement that they will be moving part of their offices to Burbank, California, to be closer to the movie studio that is looking forward to exploiting their characters for box office proceeds. As a part of that announcement, they also mentioned that they will be shutting down WildStorm, one of their relatively independent imprints. And so begins the speculation of what, exactly, will happen to the WildStorm Universe, a specific superhero setting with its own rules and concepts, much as the DC and Marvel Universes themselves. I can pretty much guarantee that if you don't read comics, you won't recognize many of the titles that I'm going to mention below (although you might use it as a recommended reading list). If you do read comics, you'll notice me mentioning quite a few examples of the most interesting out-of-the-box superhero stories of the last 20 years. They're all Wildstorm titles, and they're all being indefinitely boxed up at the end of this December so that they can maybe be incorporated into the DC Universe. But before I get into what Wildstorm titles will be affected by the editorial apocalypse, a brief history lesson is in order, for irony's sake if nothing else.

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    Wondercon Makes Us Sad: Greg Rucka Leaving, All-Star Batman and Robin Not Over

    This weekend is Wondercon and of course announcements are rolling out to let us know what to expect from the world of comics, movies, and science fiction. The two that have caught our eye are not exactly what we would call reassuring.

    DC Comics has announced that Frank Miller and Jim Lee are still dedicated to the long running "deadline challenged" series of All-Star Batman and Robin, and will be starting up a new series Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, to begin running in February 2011. They promise that these issues will ship on time. Without, you know, switching to a bi-monthly schedule halfway through. And then a five month delay on the last issue which ultimately has to be recalled.

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    Detective Comics: Batwoman wins GLAAD Award for Outstanding Comic Book

    The 21st GLAAD awards were held in last night, seeking as always to "recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives." The award for Outstanding Comic Book went to Detective Comics. Specifically, to Greg Rucka's run on Detective Comics featuring Batwoman as the title character and The Question as a short second feature in each issue. Both storylines had gorgeous art delivered by J.H. Williams III and Cully Hamner. In their current incarnations, both Batwoman and The Question are lesbian women. Bleeding Cool Comics briefly summarizes the long, jerky process of putting a gay character into the Bat-family. Leave your Seduction of the Innocent jokes at the door, please.

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