1. Entertainment

    The BBC Has Revealed Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor Costume, Fangirl Squees Are Deafening

    After months of anticipation (and promotional photos featuring Peter Capaldi in Matt Smith's signature outfit), the BBC has finally released the very first image of the Twelfth Doctor's official costume! Check out Capaldi as Twelve, rocking some amazing threads. Okay, well, some people hate it. But I love it.

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  2. Science

    China Is Cloning All The “Cute Species,” Which Is Much Scarier Than It Sounds

    If you thought it would be years before "clone factories" existed outside of Star Wars prequels, you were wrong. A recent BBC report proves that industrial cloning is no longer just science fiction and that it's about as scary as you would expect-especially if you're a pig or something else adorable.

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  3. Entertainment

    Watch the BBC’s Farewell to Matt Smith, and Probably Cry a Little Bit

    Matt Smith's run on Doctor Who is over, but sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. That's why the BBC put together a special hour-long farewell special for him, and now it's online for you to enjoy. By "enjoy" we mean "sob uncontrollably through."

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  4. Entertainment

    Son of First Ever Doctor Who Writer Sues BBC For Breach of Copyright Over TARDIS

    Another day, another person suing the BBC for copyright over a beloved Doctor Who character or property. Now we've got a new contender -- Stef Coburn, whose father wrote the very first episode of the show that aired back in 1963, believes he's entitled to the copyright for the TARDIS.

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  5. Entertainment

    The First Day of the Doctor Video Clip is Only Thirteen Seconds, But We’ll Take It! [Video]

    The BBC has us pegged. We'll pretty much latch onto any news about The Day of the Doctor, and this taunting 13 second clip leaves us with a ton of questions. Will we finally find out what's up with the Doctor and Queen Elizabeth? How is Clara still shocked by things? Who is that wearing Tom Baker's scarf? WHY ONLY 13 SECONDS?

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  6. Entertainment

    [UPDATED] “Day of the Doctor” Simulcast Cinema Ticketing Through Fandango Delayed, BBC America Working on Problem

    Ticketing for the simulcast cinema screenings of "Day of the Doctor," as well as the November 25th, screenings in the US was scheduled to being today at 9:00AM EDT. However, it seems that theaters that are doing their ticketing through Fandango only have the November 25th show time available but not the simulcast on November 23.

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  7. Entertainment

    New Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Trailer! It’s Here!

    Whovians, the wait until November's 50th Anniversary celebration is about to get a little better! The BBC has announced that today at approximately 8:20pm BST (that's 3:20pm EDT, North American east-coasters), immediately following Strictly Come Dancing, the powers that be will air a brand-new trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!

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  8. Entertainment

    Choose Doctor Who‘s Greatest Villain for the 50th Anniversary Celebration

    As part of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary festivities, the BBC's Doctor Who blog is asking fans to decide which villain is the greatest menace to the universe. The winner will be revealed during the "Doctor Who: Monsters and Villains Weekend" in November, so get out your party hats and join in the festivities.

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  9. Entertainment

    New Images From the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Have Been Released

    Boy, none of us here really know what to make of these new promotional images for the upcoming "Day of The Doctor." On the one hand -- David Tennant and Matt Smith! More Doctor Who! On the other hand, John Hurt is touching the TARDIS and this makes us feel very, very strange. Guess we'll just have to wait until November 23rd.

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  10. Entertainment

    Confirmed: BBC Releases Lost Doctor Who Stories The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear on iTunes

    We're happy to report that the rumors of lost episodes of Doctor Who being recovered are true. Nine previously lost episodes have been found and restored by the BBC, and the newly completed stories are now available through iTunes. It's far from all of the 106 lost episodes, but it's a start.

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  11. Entertainment

    It’s Basically Official: Those Missing Doctor Who Episodes Have Been Found

    We've been putting off confirming or denying the recent rumors that a whole bunch of previously lost Doctor Who episodes have been discovered, mostly because we really wanted it to be true. Well, now even BBC News is reporting that they were, in fact, found. They wouldn't lead us astray, right?

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  12. Entertainment

    And the Next Doctor Who Is… [Updating]

    It's only been a few weeks since we learned that Matt Smith was stepping down from Doctor Who, and it's been nothing but speculation about who's replacing him ever since. The announcement came today in a worldwide simulcast from the BBC. The next Doctor is...

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  13. Entertainment

    Did We Just Find Out Who’s Playing the 12th Doctor?

    Fans of Doctor Who are anxiously awaiting the big announcement by the BBC tomorrow about who will replace Matt Smith as the next Doctor. It won't be official until the BBC says it is, but one young actor just tweeted a major hint that he might be the one taking over. So who is it?

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  14. Entertainment

    New Sherlock Teaser Gives Us Just Enough to Get Pumped for Sherlock [Video]

    Here's your first look at season 3 of Sherlock. The trailer tells us almost nothing besides the fact that Martin Freeman looks a bit silly with a mustache. Still, just the fact that there is a third series of Sherlock is enough to get us excited.

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  15. Weird

    Here’s What the Queen of England Would Have Said if WWIII Had Begun in 1983

    While we now remember the 1980s through the lens of Internet nostalgia pieces and Cheers reruns, it was actually a pretty harrowing time to be alive -- but it could have been a lot worse, apparently. Speeches written for the Queen Elizabeth II in the event of a potential World War III have surfaced, and they make for surreal, terrifying reading.

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