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    BlackBerry’s CEO Would Totally Sell BBM for $19 Billion, Guys, If Anyone’s Into That

    BlackBerry's totally relevant BBM messaging service went cross-platform, and sooo very many people were trying to sign up at once that they established virtual lines, which was definitely necessary. Surprisingly, BlackBerry's CEO now says he'd sell the super lucrative messaging service for the low price tag of "exactly the same as WhatsApp."

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    BlackBerry Messenger Is Available for iOS and Android, but You Have to Wait Your Turn

    It's a great day for BlackBerry users, as their beloved BBM proprietary messaging service has finally gone cross-platform. We tried to take the iOS and Android versions for a spin, but demand for accounts on the service is supposedly so high that there's a virtual line. Yeah, we were surprised, too.

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    BlackBerry Users Will Finally Be Able to Talk With All Their Friends, BBM’s Going Cross-Platform

    Personal experience may vary, but most of the BlackBerry users I know all cite BlackBerry Messenger as a defense whenever someone says anything negative about BlackBerry. They really seem to love it, but the only people who have been able to use BBM are BlackBerry owners. That's about to change. This summer BlackBerry will launch versions of BBM for iOS and Android. You finally be able to message for free with your one friend who still owns a BlackBerry.

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    Report: BlackBerry Messenger Coming to iPhone, Android

    If you ask any long-suffering BlackBerry owner why they stick with RIM's embattled platform, they'll probably tell you one of three things: 1) The keyboard is the best of any smartphone and they don't like touchscreens; 2) they have to for their job; or 3) BlackBerry Messenger, a.k.a. BBM. If the latest report from BGR is correct, BlackBerry may be losing one of the legs of that tripod as BBM loses its BlackBerry exclusivity and prepares to come over to Android and iOS.

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    Saudi Arabia Blocks BlackBerry Messaging

    BlackBerry users in Saudi Arabia report that the country's three wireless companies have suspended BlackBerry messaging service. On Tuesday, the Saudi Arabian government announced its intention to do so on grounds of national security: "The manufacturer of the devices [RIM] couldn’t meet the regulatory requirements of the commission and it is not in accordance with the regulations and conditions of licenses issued to service providers, at its present state."

    The phones can still make and receive regular calls.

    Saudi Arabia is RIM's largest market in the Middle East, with roughly 700,000 users; any hope for BBM to come back?

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