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    Zack Snyder Knows You’re Pissed About Batman vs. Superman, Thinks the Script Would Change Your Mind

    Man of Steel's Batman vs. Superman sequel just can't catch a break. First it was Ben Affleck playing Batman, then people were angry about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and then it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg would play Lex Luthor. Zack Snyder thinks fans would understand if they knew the script.

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    Oscar-Winning Argo Screenwriter Chris Terrio Brought on to Polish the Batman vs. Superman Script

    You remember Argo, right? The movie last year that reminded everyone that Ben Affleck was actually awesome and then was conveniently forgotten about entirely when he was cast as Batman? Yeah, the great movie Affleck directed and won Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay. Its writer is fine-tuning the Man of Steel sequel script.

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    Zack Snyder’s Superman/Batman Crossover Movie to Film This Weekend in Los Angeles

    While full production isn't expected to start until 2014, Zack Snyder is getting a jump on filming for the upcoming, Superman vs. Batman Man of Steel sequel this weekend at an East Los Angeles College football game. It is not likely that a football stadium will ever be packed with so many geeks again.

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    Hasbro Rules on What Ben Affleck Playing Batman Really Means for Trivial Pursuit

    Last month @GoodJobBrain posted a photo of a Trivial Pursuit card with the question, "Who has never been Batman -- Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, George Clooney, Val Kilmer, or Adam West?" saying the card will be outdated soon. The Internet erupted, but we went to the source and asked Hasbro exactly how Batfleck affects the game.

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    No Disrespect to Ben Affleck: The Best of Twitter’s Newest Kanye-Inspired Hashtag

    No doubt you've heard about Kanye West's recent explosion of angry tweets, in which he called Jimmy Kimmel out for parodying his recent BBC1 radio interview. While doing so, he created a hashtag that will live on through the ages. Or however long hashtags are supposed to last. Whichever.

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    Pete Holmes’ Good Will Batman is the Best Response to Batfleck Yet [VIDEO]

    Regardless of how you feel about Ben Affleck's turn as Batman in the Zack Snyder/David Goyer Man of Steel sequel, the internet has been ablaze with opinions and parodies about the casting choice. So far, nothing comes close to this inspired re-imagining of Good Will Hunting, featuring fake-Batfleck himself.

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    Stop Whining about Ben Affleck Playing Batman, He is Perfect for the Part

    Friday was my day off, so I wasn't in the Geekosystem offices to yell at Victoria McNally about how wrong she is to hate Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. I believe in Ben Affleck, but more importantly, movies don't get cast by Internet opinion. Batfleck is happening, so you might as well get on board. Here's a moving speech to convince you.

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    An Anti-Ben Affleck as Batman Petition? REALLY, GUYS?

    Okay, listen, Internet: I get it. Ben Affleck isn't my first choice for Batman, either. But did somebody seriously create a petition that urges Warner Brothers to drop Affleck from the cast of the Man of Steel sequel, and does it really have 13,000 signatures already? Come on. This is why we can't have nice things.

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    Ben Affleck as Batman? Really, Guys?

    Gosh, remember yesterday afternoon, when the only unusual comic book movie casting choice we were worried about was Bradley Cooper playing a talking raccoon? Little did we know what the Man of Steel 2 "World's Finest" (yes I'm deliberately putting that in quotation marks, because I'm using it ironically) would have in store for us!

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    Jack Kirby’s Concept Art For The Fake Sci-Fi Film In Argo Goes Up For Auction

    Attention well-off comic nerds and history buffs! The original Jack Kirby concept art for the fake film featured in last year's critically acclaimed film Argo is going up for auction this week. That means you could soon be the owner of Jack Kirby drawings that helped save the lives of U.S. diplomats during the Iranian hostage crisis.

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