1. Weird

    Michigan Is Having a Bigfoot Moment

    Apparently, Michigan is just full of sasquatches. Pizza-eating, shape-shifting, urban sasquatches. The state might be in economic shambles, but according to these entirely credible reports, the Bigfoot business should be booming.

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  2. Weird

    Bigfoot Porn Part of a Growing Demand for Monsterotica

    Bigfoot has been exploding into public consciousness recently (and we do mean exploding). In the latest development in our favorite undiscovered species' ascent to fame, a series of 16 self-published books of Bigfoot Erotica are making their author up to 30,000 dollars a month on Amazon. Brace yourselves for the accompanying line of adult toys.

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  3. Entertainment

    Bigfoot Hunters Collect ‘Lots of Feces’ on Spike TV’s New Show

    The elusive Bigfoot has been waiting to be discovered all along, it just needed a Spike TV reality competition show to be made about it. At least that's what the producers behind "Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty" are counting on.

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  4. Entertainment

    They Might Be Giants Wants to Sell You Famous Cryptid Playing Cards

    When the greatest rock band in the world decides to start try and sell us the greatest playing card deck we've seen in quite some time, how are we supposed to resist? We have no idea, which is why we will be purchasing these limited-edition cryptid playing cards from They Might Be Giants post-haste. This is probably a thing you should also do if, you know, you like things that are good.

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  5. Weird

    What Personality Traits Define Bigfoot Hunters?

    Bigfoot hunters were perhaps the most surprising group, [author Christopher] Bader said. They defied all stereotypes of paranormal pursuers who wear flowing clothes and commune with spirits. Instead, they were very serious, extremely conventional and often highly professional. In fact, their beliefs contradicted their lifestyles so much that many of them were plagued by anxiety, which drove them even further to stick to their beliefs. "Their friends and family consider them kooky," Bader said. "Everyone is saying they're nuts. So, they have a real aggressive style and seriousness of purpose. They want to prove everyone wrong." --From a fascinating Discovery article on the prevalence of superstitious beliefs. Other key findings: Women are more likely to believe that they live in haunted houses, and "unmarried white men are most likely to believe in UFOs." (title pic via Bigfoot Hunting)

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