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    Bill Gates Admits That Control+Alt+Delete Was A Big Mistake

    The "three finger salute" of Control+Alt+Delete has been a part of Microsoft lore since it was first put into the Acorn computers in 1981 by developer David Bradley. It's also used to log in to Windows 7 and below, which annoys users to this day. Gates is real sorry about that, as it turns out.

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    “Two Bills, One Selfie” Could Be Incredibly Disgusting Reference, Please Tell Us It’s Not

    Bill Clinton has only been on Twitter a few months, and he's already taking selfies. Clinton's selfies always feature a former president, and sometimes feature Bill Gates. Unfortunately, Clinton's caption was "Two Bills, one selfie," which is potentially the grossest reference ever made by a former President.

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  3. Weird

    Joerg Sprave’s Condom Slingshot Is The Scariest Path To Safe Sex

    When Bill Gates issued a call for a condom that was safer, stronger, and easier to apply, he got slingshot mastermind Joerg Sprave's attention, mostly with that "easier to apply" part. The result is Sprave's latest creation -- a condom-applying slingshot. Because hey, you don't get a title like slingshot mastermind by not making things like this.

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  4. Tech Gets Gates, Zuckerberg, and More to Talk About Importance of Coding [Video]

    A few weeks ago launched with the goal of getting more young people excited about coding. When they launched there were rumors that they were producing a video with some of the biggest names in coding like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Today they released that video, and sure enough, Gates and Zuckerberg are in there. They're in good company too, with some big name coders from Twitter, Dropbox, and for some reason The takeaway message? Being a programmer now is basically like being a junk bond trader in the 1980s, except the cocaine and strippers have been replaced with free pizza and awesome rumpus rooms, and the bond trading has been replaced with doing something of some utility to society.

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    Bill Gates Is Absolutely CRUSHING a Reddit AMA Right Now

    Programmer, technologist, philanthropist and strong contender for King Of The Geeks Bill Gates is about 45 minutes into an AMA on Reddit right now, folks, and he is absolutely killing it. From his predictions on what the next big changes in technology will be to fielding questions on how to more effectively introduce vaccines in the developing world, Gates is being kind of the man right now in what is a pretty excellent AMA, following questions right down into the nitty gritty of comments and being smarter and funnier than you expect while doing it. If you haven't poked your head in yet, this is your cue to do so right now.

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  6. Tech Says “Hello, World” to Get Everybody Coding

    Computer science is one of the fastest growing fields out there, but its growth is outpacing the number of young people studying it. One projection says that by the year 2020 there will be 1,000,000 more computer science jobs than computer science students. That's a huge disparity. The new site launched today to try to change that by helping grow computer programming education in the United States. It seems like their plan is to make coding seem cool so more young people will learn how to do it. Where do we sign up?

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    Designers Compete To Be Bill Gates’ Choice for Toilet of the Future

    As we've reported here earlier, Bill Gates has deemed it time for a new toilet. For the last couple days, teams of engineers and designers from around the world arrived in Seattle to show off their best designs for the honey bucket of the future, competing against one another to see how they handled solid waste. Don't worry, you guys, it's all soy-based gunk -- it's just supposed to look a lot like poop, a goal at which it succeeds admirably. Participants in the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge, needed to meet several criteria set by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which is throwing its philanthropic weight (read: millions of dollars of cash money grants) behind the project in the hopes of creating a functioning off-the-grid sanitation system for the developing world.

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  8. Science

    Bill Gates Funds Project to Create Potable Toilet Water

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has funded a project by Manchester University researcher Sarah Haigh with the end goal of making toilet water safe to drink, as well as being able to have energy extracted from it. Don't tell your dog just yet, but Patches may have some high quality water to sneak from the bathroom when you aren't looking sometime in the future.

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  9. Tech

    Bill Gates Tells Students Being Rich is Overrated

    “I can understand wanting to have millions of dollars, there’s a certain freedom, meaningful freedom, that comes with that. But once you get much beyond that, I have to tell you, it’s the same hamburger...But being ambitious is good. You just have to pick what you enjoy doing.” Bill Gates speaking at University of Washington, responding to a student who asked him what she can do to be rich like he is.

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  10. Weird

    Bill Gates is the Richest Man in America Once Again

    Earlier this year, Bill Gates lost his title as the richest man in the world. Not because Microsoft wasn't doing well, or because he was emulating MC Hammer or Antoine Walker, but because he gave so much of his money to charity that he lost the coveted top spot. Mexico's Carlos Slim edged out Gates by around one billion dollars when the riches of both were ranked earlier this year. Forbes released their ranking of the richest people in America, and Bill Gates managed to snag that title, so maybe if he's feeling a little down that Carlos Slim edged him out in the world rankings earlier this year, Gates can retreat to his American title. Gates is still worth the $59 billion that he was worth back when he lost out to Carlos Slim, taking the American title by a cool $20 billion from friend Warren Buffet, who is only worth a measly $39 billion. Microsoft was also represented by CEO Steve Ballmer, worth an even more meager $13.9 billion. How does that guy even afford groceries? Head on over to Forbes to check out the list, wherein the least rich guy is still worth over one billion dollars. ( via Techmeme)

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    Bill Gates Endeavoring to Reinvent the Toilet, Says Nothing About the Fate of the Wheel

    Bill Gates revolutionized the computing world with Windows and now, instead of moving on to the related field of Doors, or Fake Wood Paneling, he is now turning some of his attention to reinventing the toilet. He'll probably do a good job too; his experience with Microsoft Operating Systems makes him uniquely qualified to deal with crap. Zing. Kidding aside, Gates' new $42 million Reinventing the Toilet Challenge is actually a social-conscious, altruistic attempt to bring higher levels of sanitation to developing countries, where easily preventable illnesses cost millions of lives each year, mostly those of infants. As part of this campaign, the Global Development Program at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is putting out the call to, and coughing up the funding for, eight different research universities that will be trying to develop the "new" toilet. His goals for this new toilet are none-to-simple either. The perfect candidate will be able to take in waste and produce clean water, energy and/or nutrients all without electricity, running water or a sewer system at its disposal(ha!). Oh and also, they need to be easy to install and can't cost more than $0.05 a day to maintain. Ready? Go! If he can get someone to pull of that kind of miracle, I would really love to see him tackle something like the wheel, or a stable operating system. I do run Windows, by the way. Check out a punny, slightly gross, but informational promo-video for the project below.

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    Bill Gates Says He Personally Backed Microsoft’s Skype Acquisition

    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has taken his lumps over Microsoft's $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype. One widely-read recent essay, The Ballmer Days Are Over," the slant of which can be inferred from its title, takes the Skype deal as evidence that Ballmer is the un-techy, unimaginative, hidebound CEO that his detractors have accused him of being all along. In advocating for Ballmer's replacement, author Ben Brooks writes: "Any new CEO should love technology and that will begin to show at Microsoft like it did when Gates was still at the helm if the right person is hired. Ballmer seems to care more about being the biggest thing on the market instead of the products his company creates." Time will tell whether Brooks' read on Ballmer's tenure as Microsoft CEO is correct, but as applied to the Skype deal, it's confounded by one newly revealed fact: Bill Gates himself strongly pushed for Microsoft to acquire Skype, Gates revealed in a recent BBC interview.

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    Bill Gates No Longer Richest Man in the World — Because He’s Given So Much to Charity

    According to Forbes, Microsoft founder Bill Gates isn't the richest man in the world anymore, and he will likely have to settle once again for a measly second place behind Mexican businessman Carlos Slim. Gates is currently only worth a paltry $49 billion, behind Slim's less-paltry $60 billion. The reason why Gates lost his spot atop the largest pile of money in the world? He gave a third of it to charity -- his own charity, in fact -- and would apparently be worth about $88 billion if he hadn't, demonstrating the old sentiment that it's much cooler to choose not to be something than it is to attempt to be something. This is only the second time since 1995 that Gates has lost the top spot, but he can certainly feel good about losing it for all the right reasons. (via The Next Web)

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  14. Entertainment

    This Exists: Microsoft’s Official Humor Guide

    Microsoft has turned its problem-solving prowess towards solving that most vexing of engineering problems: How to be funny. Microsoft's education competency guide to humor points out what we already know: That humor is appropriate at some times, but not at others. That "Misers, bad drivers, and absent-minded people" are considered near-universally humorous. That there are four levels of humor competence, and that whereas level 1 ("basic") deployers of humor merely use humor in a generally positive way, level 3 ("advanced") deployers of humor know "exactly when and where a joke or story will be effective" and level 4 ("expert") deployers of humor "can see humor in almost everything."

    And there's a lot more:

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    Microsoft’s Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates Ads Explained: They Were Trying to Be Like LOST


    In 2008, Microsoft subjected itself to a good dose of online and IRL heckling with its puzzling commercials featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates, for which Seinfeld was reportedly paid $10 million. After three commercials, which were negatively (if unfairly) received, Microsoft promptly shelved the series, claiming that they were shifting to "the second phase of [their] advertising campaign ... as planned from the start." That next phase turned out to be the "I'm a PC" ads.

    In an interview with a top Microsoft marketing strategist, TechFlash discovered that the confused reactions (though not their negativity) may have all been part of the plan: the aim of the commercials was to hook people in with their very obscurity, LOST-style.

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