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  1. Science

    Our Friend Bill Nye Answers Reader Questions About Invention and Friendship

    At SXSW this year we met up with Our Friend Bill Nye to challenge him to a bow tie race and have him answer some reader questions. What's his favorite science? What would he invent if he could invent anything? Why do we insist on calling him "Our Friend Bill Nye"? All that and more will be revealed!

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  2. Science

    Watch Clips of StarTalk Live! From SXSW, Plus We “Bow Tie Race” Our Friend Bill Nye!

    At SXSW this year we met up with Our Friend Bill Nye at GE's Night of Invention to compete in what we believe is the world's first competitive bow tie tying event. Then he hosted a great conversation for StarTalk Live and answered a few of our readers' questions. Watch it all right here.

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  3. Science

    [Updated] We’re Taking More Questions for Our Friend Bill Nye!

    Our Friend Bill Nye (pictured above to the right of some goofy-looking person) will be taking some Geekosystem reader questions in an upcoming episode of StarTalk Radio's Video Cosmic Queries. Ask away in the comments, or on social media with #OurFriendBillNye. You have until Wednesday Night!

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  4. Space

    Remember That Time Our Friend Bill Nye And Neil deGrasse Tyson Were Loveable Jerks On Stargate: Atlantis

    Way back in 2008, Stargate: Atlantis realized the incredible coolness of Our Friend Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson before everyone else. Our favourite scientists appear in the fifth season episode "Brain Storm," where they chat with under-appreciated genius Dr. Rodney McKay at a gala. Oh, and they're kind of jerks. It's a piece of brilliance.

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  5. Science

    Our Friend Bill Nye Is Coming to New York in July, Wants Us to “Turn It up Loud”

    Is it July yet? We only ask because that's when Our Friend Bill Nye is coming to New York City for three nights of... something. This video teases a bigger announcement that will come Friday about exactly what he'll be doing, but we know he'll be talking about science. We also know we plan on being there.

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  6. Entertainment

    Our Friend Bill Nye Will Appear in a Music Video for The Mowgli’s

    Our Friend Bill Nye posted this photo to Instagram earlier today to show off his mad DJ skills. He'll be appearing in an upcoming music video for the band The Mowgli's. We've never heard of The Mowgli's but we kind of love them already because of this. We'll have the video for you once it's available.

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  7. Tech

    Twitter Got a Tool to Look up First Tweets for Its Birthday, We’ve Got Some Famous Ones for You

    You're probably going to get a walk down memory lane in your Twitter feed today, because Twitter now has a tool to instantly pull up anyone and everyone's first tweet for its 8th birthday tomorrow. So, what did some of our favorite Twitter personalities have to say in their first 140 characters?

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  8. Entertainment

    Our Friend Bill Nye Talks About His Origin Story and Becoming “The Science Guy”

    As "The Science Guy," Our Friend Bill Nye helped shape a lot of young minds. (Ours included.) In this new promo for his upcoming episode of the PBS series NOVA: The Secret Lives of Scientists, he talks about how he moved from engineering to science entertainment.

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  9. Entertainment

    Follow Our #SXSW Exploits, Including GE’s Night of Invention As They Happen Right Here!

    Curious what we're up to at SXSW this year? Senior Editor Glen Tickle (Hey, that's me!) is there and will be live-tweeting from our @Geekosystem Twitter account as well as my own @glentickle for stuff at SXSW that might be a little out of our regular purview.

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  10. Sponsored

    Watch Quirky + GE’s Night of Invention and StarTalk Live With Our Friend Bill Nye LIVE Right Here! [Updated]

    Tomorrow night is the big event! We've partnered with GE, Quirky, and StarTalk Radio to bring A Night of Invention to SXSW! You can watch the livestream of the StarTalk portion of the show right here with Our Friend Bill Nye, Eugene Mirman, and more. We'll have exclusive behind-the-scenes coverage of the whole thing.

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  11. Science

    Send Us Your Questions For Our Friend Bill Nye and You Could Have It Answered on StarTalk Live at SXSW!

    We'll be at SXSW this year for the GE/Quirky/StarTalk Live mashup known as The Night of Invention this Saturday March 8th, and it's going to be great! Our Friend Bill Nye is hosting, and we're taking questions from readers for the show's Q&A portion. Here's how to have your question asked and answered live on the show.

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  12. Entertainment

    Here’s The Geekosystem Podcast “General Electric, Specific Podcast”

    Geekosystem HQ is mid-move so our regular podcasting setup is in a box at the moment. I set up a makeshift home studio with a borrowed mixer (thanks, Jason) and used it to record a great interview with the GE Global Marketing Director Linda Boff to talk about our upcoming event at SXSW.

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  13. Weird

    Ken Ham Says Debate With Bill Nye Will Fund Construction On Ark

    Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky's Creation Museum, will be using municipal bonds he was given after his February 4th debate with our friend Bill Nye to build a giant ark complete with live animals. It's a waste of money so enormous--501 feet long, in fact--that hopefully its construction will just discredit Ham further.

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  14. Science

    Watch Bill Nye “Debate” the Global Warming Non-Debate on Meet the Press

    If you haven't clenched your butt cheeks in frustration yet this morning, here's yesterday's Meet The Press "debate" over climate change between Our Friend Bill Nye and six-term Republican congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

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  15. Science

    A Girl Wrote Her Dad an Adorable Note on How to Behave Around Bill Nye

    Fourteen years ago, Laura Dyson's Dad George Dyson got a chance to meet our friend Bill Nye, and the nine-year-old was very concerned about him making a good impression. Luckily she wrote down some science and etiquette rules for her Dad to refer to.

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