1. Weird

    New Blog Preserves the Dead’s Final Tweets #LastWords

    Some people are fascinated with the last words someone says before they die, and the Internet is full of sites that list famous last words. A new blog has taken that morbid curiosity into the 21st century and has begun preserving the final tweets of the deceased, potentially giving way to the new saying "Tweet every tweet as if it were your last."

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  2. Weird


    Since 2000, October 22 has marked International Caps Lock Day, a day of festivities, fond recollections of departed television pitchman Billy Mays, and, of course, leaving your computer on non-stop, permanent CAPS LOCK. Repeated typos optional. Note that June 28th is also an International Caps Lock Day of sorts, since it marks the date that Mays died in 2009; however, October 22 has the longer history of commemorating caps lock appreciation. Only on the Internet.

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