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    Irrational Games Is Shutting Down To Be Replaced By New “Start-Up” Studio

    Sad news for Bioshock fans today: according to a statement on the Irrational Games website, Ken Levine will be shutting down the studio and laying off all but 15 people for a new, " more entrepreneurial endeavor " with Take-Two instead. So, you know, guess it's also sad for Irrational Games employees who liked having some semblance of job security.

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    The C_ntrollers Light Some Cigarettes Underwater In Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea, Episode 1 [Video]

    In cast you haven't seen it yet, our weekend editor Sam Maggs has an awesome Let's Play video series that we've featured on the site before. Their latest episode, all about Bioshock Infinite: Burial At Sea just dropped, and our favorite video game-playing ladies are rocking some great cosplay this time around.

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    The January PlayStation Plus Lineup Means We’re Getting Nothing Done Next Month

    Sony just released their PlayStation Plus offerings for January with some really excellent "free" games. We use quotes, because it's a paid service, but with games like BioShock Inifinite and Don't Starve, it seems well worth the price.

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    Facebook Group Mistakes BioShock Infinite Satire Image for Real Propaganda

    Poe's Law is an Internet phenomenon in which reality and satire become indistinguishable from each other. In a prime example, a conservative Facebook group seemingly became unable to distinguish the outlandish political satire of the BioShock series from their own beliefs, and they posted an in-game propaganda image to their page.

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    Surprise! First Bioshock Infinite DLC Launched Today, Second One Set in Rapture on the Way

    The first DLC for Bioshock Infinite is now available! Clash in the Clouds isn't a continuation of the story as much as a glorified battle arena, but that's fine. The next DLC for the game, Burial at Sea, will have Booker and Elizabeth travel to the setting of the first two BioShock games, Rapture.

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    Steam Summer Sale: Day 11 Deals

    It's the last day of the Steam Summer Sale, which means they're offering up the most popular titles from the first 10 days. It also means that by now you know we're going to tell you what's on sale after the jump. Has it already been 11 days? Seems like only yesterday we started getting really pumped over discounted games.

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    Shakespeare Quotes, Music, and More Hidden in BioShock Infinite Audio

    Act 3, Scene 2 of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has a soliloquy by Juliet as she waits for night to fall so she can see Romeo. It's right before she finds out Romeo has been banished. The bit is rather beautiful, but if you want to hear a creepy, terrifying version of it, just go play BioShock Infinite. It's hidden in the game along with some other audio surprises.

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    BioShock Infinite Would Have Been Infinitely Better as an Isometric Video Game

    Without spoiling even a single thing about BioShock Infinite, it should be pretty clear to everyone on the Internet that the game itself is gorgeous. Ken Levine, and everyone at at Irrational Games, is probably patting themselves on the back right now for the game's review scores. That said, it could have potentially been made even better with, say, an isometric point of view. That's exactly what Christopher Bischoff has done.

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    Own a Piece of Rapture: Rare BioShock Audio Diary For Sale

    With the release of BioShock: Infinite, and the game's impressive reviews, there's never been a better time to rustle up odds and ends from the franchise. Case in point: A ridiculously rare functional BioShock audio diary is currently up for grabs. The eBay auction is slated to close on March 31st, though, so collectors don't have long to bid.

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    This BioShock Infinite Trailer Feels Like Red Dead Redemption in the Sky

    BioShock Infinite is all set to launch on March 26th, so the marketing push has never been heavier. They've been particularly good about dropping new trailers here and there, and I must say they've done a rather decent job at scoring them too. The latest and greatest of these, "False Shepherd" by title, doesn't really show off a whole lot that we hadn't already seen, but it does an impressive job at making the video game somehow seem like some kind of cowboy redemption tale set in the sky. That's not a bad thing.

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    Geekosystem’s BioShock Infinite Giveaway

    It's almost time to take to the skies, folks. The floating city of Columbia is calling. Are you ready to face another BioShock video game? Thanks to the good folks at Appliances Online we've got four copies of BioShock Infinite to give away.

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    New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Plays Like An Educational Film Strip, Is Creeping Us Out

    The latest trailer for BioShock Infinite takes its cues from those history filmstrips you probably saw a lot of in second grade. The one exception: this one plays out the way those would if you attended second grade in some sort of fever dream. As far as I'm concerned, this game just keeps looking cooler and cooler. Frankly, it's been kind of a while since I saw promotional stuff like this for a game and said "Yeah, I want to see that world," and Infinite is really doing it for me on that front. I'm still reserving judgment until I see whether or not the gameplay can keep pace with what looks to be a pretty cool premise replete with all the headscrewing detail and grey area morality players have come to expect from the series, but if it does I'll officially be super-excited for this. Check the new trailer out below and let us know what you think.

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    You Have a Voice: Vote for the BioShock Infinite Reversible Cover of Your Choice

    As far as video game covers go, the artwork to be slapped on every copy of BioShock Infinite this March is pretty bland, featuring an image of the game's protagonist -- Booker DeWitt -- brandishing a gun while the American flag is burned to cinders behind him. Other than that, there's not much else, nothing to even suggest that the game takes place on a grandiose steampunk city in the sky with giant-handed cyborg guys roaming the streets. Going solely by the cover, BioShock Infinite may as well be about a trigger happy arsonist that likes to burn flags. Ken Levine, creative director and co-founder of BioShock developer Irrational Games, has heard our collective grievances and announced that gamers will have the chance to vote for the artwork to appear on the reversible cover. And we have oh so many options.

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    The Rumored Multiplayer Modes for Bioshock Infinite Have Definitely Been Cancelled

    Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine has confirmed that Bioshock Infinite will definitely not feature a multiplayer component in a pair of tweets today. The announcement comes months after a report from Kotaku suggested that many of the game's rumored multiplayer modes had been cut in an attempt to focus the development of the single-player campaign.

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    When Was The Last Time You Saw a New Bioshock Infinite Trailer?

    It's been six whole months since fans have gotten new any information about Bioshock Infinite. Earlier this year, Irrational Games creative director Ken Levine announced that, after months of relentlessly promoting Infinite, the studio would enact a media blackout to focus their resources on completing the game. Given the timing of the announcement, the decision may have had something to do with the game being pushed from its projected October release date into 2013.

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