Blade Runner

  1. Tech

    Police Can ID Criminals From Reflections In Their Victim’s Eyes Now

    I guess we all have to stop making fun of CSI, because new research is allowing police to identify criminals just by using the reflections in a victim's eye. Calling the pupil a "black mirror," contrast-adjusted, high-resolution images of a victim's face could start blowing cases wide open (do they say that still?)

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  2. Entertainment

    WTF is AMC’s Yeah! Service? We Found Out at New York Comic Con, and It’s Pretty Interesting

    We'll admit to going into our demo of AMC's new Yeah! movie rental service at New York Comic Con a little skeptical. There's no shortage of ways to watch movies online. Do we need another one? Turns out -- yes. We do. Yeah! is actually pretty great if you really want to learn more about the movies you love.

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  3. Entertainment

    New York Comic Con Swag Roundup, Day 1

    Comic Con is a great chance for geeks to meet the creators of the things they love, pick up hard-to-find comics, exclusive toys, and generally just be around like-minded people for a weekend. It's also a great chance to score some free swag. Here's the best stuff we found for free at the first day of the convention.

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  4. Entertainment

    These Film Execs Were Not Pleased With Early Screenings of Blade Runner. Not One Bit.

    Sometimes, a thing pops up on Reddit that we just have to share with you. This morning, that thing is this memo from an early screening of Blade Runner shown to film executives at Tandem Productions. Now, Blade Runner is one of my favorite movies of all time, ever, and yes, I even love the voice over. As a fan, though, I know the movie can be...rather divisive. For every one of us that loves Ridley Scott's classic take on Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, there's another person who despises it, or at least feels like they would if they could stay awake through the whole thing. The execs present for this screening are in the latter camp, and boy are they not shy about it.

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  5. Entertainment

    Deep Space 69 Has Seen Things You People Wouldn’t Believe [Video]

    The good people over at Mondo Media have released a new episode of Deep Space 69, and it's as irreverent and funny as ever. The latest episode sees Jay and Hamilton come across a couple familiar faces, one of which was famously portrayed by Harrison Ford. Yes, "Blade Jogger" is exactly what it sounds like: A spoof of Blade Runner. Though the short only runs for three minutes, it still manages to include the very best scene from the movie. Check it out before all these moments are lost in time, like tears in rain.

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