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    Check Out the First Episode of the Aquaman Teen Drama From Bleeding Cool

    It's been months since we got our first glimpse of Aquaman: The Teen Drama in October, and now it's finally arrived! Also, it's got us constantly trying to keep ourselves from accidentally writing "Aquaman Teen Hunger Force," which is actually a huge plus.

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    Aquaman Now Stars In His Own Teen Drama Because Of Course He Does [Video]

    Three years ago nobody would have expected a teen drama based on DC’s Green Arrow to go well, but it happened — and now there’s even a Flash TV show in the works, too. So who’s next to get turned into a Gossip Girl style series? Aquaman, of course. Who else? Aquaman: The Teen Drama is [...]

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    The Strange Story Behind Cowboys & Aliens

    The teaser trailer for Cowboys & Aliens came out this week, which lead many who haven't been following the production to exclaim: "Ok, cool, but Cowboys & Aliens? What, did they throw darts at a board to come up with their movie premise and then forget to change the working title?" Leading others to respond: "Or, they based it on the graphic novel of the same name?" As it turns out, both parties are correct. Cowboys & Aliens only exists because back in the '90s, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg trademarked the name, and tried to use that name and a prospective comic cover to get movie studios interested in the IP of Cowboys & Aliens, before there was even a book to base the movie on.

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  4. Weird

    Dog Carcass In Alley This Morning, Tire Tread on Burst Stomach. Original First Page of Watchmen Up For Auction

    Got five figures to throw around on a piece of real comics history? Then you can go put in your bid at the Heritage Auction Galleries auction of the original pencil and inks of the first page of Watchmen, scripted by Alan Moore and drawn by Dave Gibbons. The bidding currently stands at $6,500, but don't expect it to stay there for long. In the words of Heritage Auctions themselves:

    Watchmen pages do not come along often, in fact Heritage has never offered one before! We know of many people who have read Watchmen who have never read any other comic book, and given that mass appeal, we expect very strong demand for this lot.
    Just be careful when reading the rest of their description. It's got a serious spoiler in it. ಠ_ಠ

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    More Tintin Pics; We’re Still Not Convinced

    Film Actu has three more photos (likely scanned from Empire magazine, according to Bleeding Cool) from Stephen Speilberg's The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, and while they maintain an incredible fidelity to the comics, we're still left out of the loop on the other major component of the movie's cinematography. Motion. As in motion capture. Which is how the movie was filmed.

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  6. Entertainment

    First Look at Stephen Spielberg’s Tintin

    Stephen Spielberg's The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has a star studded cast, with faces like Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, Cary Elwes, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. But even with principle filming over and done with, no one has really known what the film will look like... because it's being entirely computer generated based on motion-capture footage. That is until this week's issue of Empire, which has some shots from the movie, currently in post production. So how do they look?

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  7. Weird

    Did Mark Millar Have His Comic Photoshopped Into President Obama’s Hands?

    We know our President is a little bit of a geek, having admitted to once collecting comics, and threading Superman jokes into a speech at the Alfred E. Smith Dinner. But he's not this much of a geek. He's not actually reading Mark Millar's Superior. That's a photoshop. A photoshop that seems to be the weapon of a badly managed unsubtle grab at attention from somebody. As Bleeding Cool points out, if Mark Millar is behind the 'shop, it wouldn't be the first time.

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  8. Entertainment

    Rob Liefeld’s Zombie Jesus is Official

    Rob Liefeld is best known for the incredible feat of becoming a professional comic book writer and artist despite a known reputation for missing deadlines and being disproportionately egotistical, and an inability to draw the following things: feet, hands, women, muscles, and perspective. What's next on the docket for the comic book world's greatest successful troll? A comic about the zombie uprising that corresponded with the death of Jesus, according (sort of) to the Book of Matthew.

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  9. Entertainment

    You Can Bid on Fringe‘s Alternate Universe DC Comics Covers

    Remember those alternate universe comic book covers that DC cooked up for a sneaky appearance in an episode of Fringe? No? Well, go look, they were pretty cool. They appeared in this year's Fringe season finale, as alternate versions of some of the most famous DC issues. Meltdown Comics has gotten a hold of one of each of the five fake covers, and is auctioning them off, with all the proceeds going to Autism Speaks.

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  10. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/23

    Lion-O Is Ceiling Cat For Some Reason (FashionablyGeek) Square Enix Is Making A Christmas Album (GameInformer) StarCraft II's New Minigames (Kotaku) Marvel Shelves Runaways Movie (Bleeding Cool) ABC, CBS, and NBC Are All Blocked on Google TV (The Wall Street Journal) CALM DOWN: Rumors of Star Wars Sequel Trilogy are Unfounded (Wired) BlizzCon Costumes, Day 1 (WoW Insider) (pic via Guyism.)

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  11. Entertainment

    Crossoverlicious: Marvel Does Tron Variant Covers

    When the Marvel/Disney merger was made official, a lot of people immediately plundered the wide ranging crossover potential, from Spider-Man in Kingdom Hearts to a Beast buddy movie. Today we see the first shamelessly tied in fruit of that union, in the form of a series of variant covers for Marvel's November titles, where ten of Marvel's biggest characters get reinterpreted Tron-style.

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  12. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/17

    Spain Holds National Siesta Championship (CNN) Keith Richards Will Be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (ScreenRant) Together At Last: Scooby-Doo and Cthulhu (Nerdvana) 5 Times The US Almost Nuked Itself (io9) Pres. Obama Endorses American Comic Series Re: Islamic Superheroes. Right Wing Flips Out (Bleeding Cool) Old Video Game TV Shows (GameInformer) Awesome Pac-Man Halloween Decoration (Joystiq) (pic via Reddit, rebuttal pic below.)

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  13. Entertainment

    New Tangled Clips Bypass Our Misgivings With Cute Chameleon

    Dangit, Tangeled! We were all ready to snub you after some knucklehead decided that you wouldn't become the next beautiful 2D animated movie to come out of Disney, and instead would be handed over to Disney's CGI studio. No matter how beautiful your concept art was. In fact, we wanted to snub you because of how beautiful your concept art was. We want to see that stuff drawn into motion! But now there are these videos of actual footage, and it's really pretty, and pretty funny, and clearly has some great character animation, and... ಠ_ಠ Stop messing with our heads. (via Bleeding Cool, more videos here.)

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    Preview for Young Justice, DC’s New Sidekick Series, Is Very Male

    No one was really allowed to film in the preview rooms of New York Comic Con, but we know that doesn't actually stop people. And for hand-cam footage, this actually ain't that bad. Although I could nitpick about some of the dialogue and Batman appearing in broad daylight, overall, the show looks worth checking out. The animation is slick, and, as a Bruce Timm/Paul Dini-verse fan, not a style that I'm used to seeing my heroes in. But seriously where are the girls. Not even one? No Wonder Girl? No Supergirl? Hell, I'd even take Mary Marvel. It's not just the male superheroes in the Justice League who think it's a good idea to train preteens to beat up criminals. You are letting down the trope. (via Bleeding Cool.)

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  15. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/15

    New Green Hornet Poster and Motion Comic/Trailer Thing (Bleeding Cool) If You Want This Tron T-Shirt, You Have to Vote For It (FashionablyGeek) 600 Year Old Clock Tower + Laser Show = Wow (The Macula) Harry Potter Will Still Get 3D Conversion (Topless Robot) House Party At Arkham Asylum (taz98027) Red UnDead Redemption Gets Release Date (That Videogame Blog) ScreenRant's RED Review (ScreenRant) (pic via Bleeding Cool.)

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