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    Standalone Star Wars Films Really Happening, Prepare to Empty Your Wallet [UPDATE]

    The rumors floating around about a series of standalone Star Wars films have now been confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger: Yes, these are really, truly in development. Then again, of course there are standalone Star Wars films in the works. Disney owns both Lucasfilm and Marvel, and Marvel's been doing a smashing job with their movie lineup. It only makes sense that Disney, wanting the same success for Lucasfilm, would take the same approach with Star Wars. Let's all just pray they actually focus on good characters.

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    Joss Whedon Confirmed for Avengers Sequel and Marvel Television Show

    Joss Whedon finally looks to be getting his due. In an earnings call yesterday, Disney CEO Bob Iger dropped the bomb that not only had Whedon signed an exclusive deal to write and direct a second Avengers movie, but he will also help develop a new live-action Marvel television show for ABC. Given that The Avengers has grossed $1.46 billion for Marvel and parent company Disney since May, this seems like a pretty good idea.

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