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    Someone’s Making All The “Burgers Of The Day” From Bob’s Burgers Because The World Is A Beautiful Place

    You know the hilariously dorky puns that show up on the specials board in Bob's Burgers? Don't they always sound kind of... delicious? (Yes, even the Foot Feta-ish burger). Some cooking bloggers certainly thought so, and they've decided to transform every dumb play on words into its own amazing burger recipe.

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    St. Vincent Delivers Amazing Cover of “Bad Tina” from Bob’s Burgers, Could Be First of Many

    The consensus here in the Geekosystem office is that Bob's Burgers is among the best cartoons going right now. And as of right now, we're officially also huge fans of Bob's Buskers, a behind the scenes extra brought to you courtesy of Behind Bob's Burgers, a blog maintained by the show's writers, who brought in Annie Clark -- better known by her stage name, St. Vincent -- to cover the "Bad Tina" song from earlier this season, and it's amazing. Even better news? The video is marked as Episode One, meaning we can hope for more covers coming down the road.

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    Bob’s Burgers Animator Seeds the Show’s Torrent to Promote It

    I haven't yet caught the new FOX show Bob's Burgers, but my respect for the show went up a notch after reading TorrentFreak's report on how a person who says he is one of the show's animators is actively seeding torrents of the show on private torrent site Demonoid. The show had strong debut ratings, and it's like the only show in FOX's animated lineup that isn't created by Seth McFarlane, but as a new series, its future success is hardly assured, and a good number of people still aren't familiar with it. Making it available to the torrent community seems like the kind of progressive, Internet-embracing promotional strategy that big content creators are often too chary to try. (No word on whether FOX is officially behind the animator's actions, though there's a good chance they aren't.) The anonymous animator writes:

    Nice to hear that people liked the show, I’m an animator on it so it’s nice to hear something positive from all the negative I’ve been hearing about! I’m going to keep seeding to support my show ... There are 13 eps for the show coming out, they’ve been well received by the everyone at the studio so far so we’re hoping everything will turn out and it’ll gain more of an audience as it goes.
    (via TorrentFreak)

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