1. Weird

    Hey, One of the Harvard Human Skin-Bound Books Isn’t Human Skin After All!

    So you know how Harvard's had some anthropodemic-bound books in their libraries for the past couple of years? Brand new information from the university was published yesterday suggesting that one of those three books is actually bound in sheepskin. Oh, good! That's much less viscerally horrific. You know, unless you're a sheep.

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  2. Weird

    So Harvard Miiiight Have a Couple of Books in Their Library That Are Bound With Human Flesh

    Hey, so you know how flesh is a thing that's normally supposed to be attached to your body? And you know how fancy books are usually bound in leather, which is dried flesh from other animals that aren't human? Yeah, we're pretty sure you know where we're going with this. We don't like it, either.

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  3. Entertainment

    George R. R. Martin Released a New/Old Chapter From The Winds of Winter

    Can't wait for the next book of the Song of Ice and Fire series by sea captain Santa Claus author George R. R. Martin? Let this tide you over: Martin just released a new chapter from The Winds of Winter on his blog that he actually calls an old chapter.

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  4. Tech

    PediaPress Wants to Print All of Wikipedia in 1,000 Books, Trees Can Be Heard Weeping

    Man, the Internet is a convenient place to get a lot of information very quickly at the push of a button, but how can we take that and change it into a permanent, physical record that has pretty much none of those benefits? PediaPress has the answer, and they want to print all of the English language Wikipedia articles into 1,000 books.

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  5. Space

    Astronaut Does Laundry Because of Chris Hadfield’s Book [VIDEO]

    Former International Space Station Commander and Canadian Legend Chris Hadfield is releasing a book called An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth on October 29th - and to promote it, Book Lounge is making a series of videos featuring astronauts just trying to do every-day stuff. They're predictably hilarious.

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  6. Space

    Watch an Astronaut Try to Get Into a Tent Because Chris Hadfield Wrote a Book

    Our Canadian Space Hero Commander Chris Hadfield has a book coming out on October 29th, and to promote it Book Lounge made this video of a fully suited-up astronaut trying to get into a small tent. We don't know why we love this, but we sure do love it.

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  7. Entertainment

    It’s Not Wrong to Call the Monster “Frankenstein”

    It seems any time someone refers to The Creature in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein as "Frankenstein" some pedant will chime in with a condescending, "Uhm, actually, Frankenstein is the doctor. Not the monster." In reality, it's actually perfectly acceptable to call The Creature "Frankenstein." Here's why.

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  8. Entertainment

    Internet-Famous Cat “Lil Bub” Reveals Outer Space Backstory in New Book

    Anyone who's tried to get a book published can tell you it's not easy. Unless you're an adorable Internet-famous cat with dwarfism. Then I guess it's pretty easy, because Lil Bub (shown above being pwecious) has a book coming out. Wook at her widdle face!

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  9. Entertainment

    Thanks to Disney, Artemis Fowl Movie Now a Thing That is Happening

    Eoin Colfer's tale of the genius, criminal mastermind, millionaire twelve-year-old is coming to the big screen. If you haven't read the Artemis Fowl  books, well, Colfer called it "Die Hard... with fairies."

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  10. Gaming

    Review: Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick Reminds Me of Why I Love Video Games

    Books are rarely written about a single video game. There have been many written about fictional video games, or takes on gaming culture in general, but texts devoted to one particular game are few and far between. Bob Chipman, or MovieBob, is known on the Internet for his critical analyses on films and games alike. So it’s only fitting that he attempted this very thing with his new book, Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick. But does it work?

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  11. Entertainment

    Stephen King Cool With Under The Dome TV Changes

    The TV adaptation of Stephen King's novel Under The Dome on CBS got off to a cow-slicingly good start last week, and the author himself spoke out on his website in defense of the many changes the TV series will take from the book. He provided a variety of reasons why changes were needed for Brian K. Vaughan's adaptation of his 2009 novel, some of which were consistent with King's approach to the many, many film and TV versions of his work, and some which were more intriguing for the TV show's future.

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  12. Weird

    Random Penguin, Penguin House, Random Penguin House, Enter the Igloo: Guys, You Could’ve Done Better

    We here at Geekosystem may have spent most of yesterday arguing about what the newly-formed Penguin Random House publishing company should have made their logo (top idea: a penguin rising out of a house like the sun?), but the merger of two of the Big Six publishing companies does have implications beyond what could have been a much cooler new name.

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  13. Tech

    Barnes & Noble Gives Up on In-House Nooks, Looks for Partners for New Tablets

    Hey, do you want to help Barnes & Noble make a color tablet that's mostly an e-reader, but also some other things? Because someone is going to have to. America's biggest book retailer is looking for a hand developing their next generation of Nook tablets, which will no longer be an in-house project going forward, the company announced today. By seeking manufacturing partners, the bookstore chain is hoping to stem its losses on the readers which have seen associated revenues drop over a third in the past year.

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  14. Entertainment

    PSA: Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane Drops Tomorrow

    Some super-exciting news crept up on us all: Neil Gaiman, adorably timid fantasy author, is releasing his latest novel on tomorrow, June 18th. The book, titled The Ocean at the End of the Lane, promises to be dark, suspenseful, and just a little bit heartbreaking.

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  15. Entertainment

    The Silent Stars Go By Review Plus Interview With Author Dan Abnett

    BBC Books recently put out a set of 11 re-released novels to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. We hosted a giveaway where we let 15 readers pick the book of their choice, and six of the fifteen of you picked The Silent Stars Go By by Dan Abnett. You all made an excellent choice. I read it, and had the chance to talk to Abnett about the book.

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