1. Science

    There’s a New Type of Boredom to Keep You Occupied

    Presumably bored scientists categorized boredom into four separate categories, because people are bored enough to need four varieties of boredom to keep things interesting. Isn't life great? However, they also recently discovered that there is a fifth type of boredom, so that should entertain you for a bit.

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  2. Science

    Vsauce Explains the Science Behind Why We Get Bored [Video]

    Stuck a little late at work? Maybe you're bored. Why? Because work can be boring -- obviously -- but what is boredom? Vsauce explores the science behind the concept of boredom and why and how we experience it in this surprisingly interesting video. (It's surprising because it's about boredom, not because it's by Vsauce. Vsauce is great.)

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  3. Science

    Bored Animals Do What You Do When Bored, Pretty Much Lay In Bed Eating All Day

    Researchers at the University of Guelph have finally decided to ask the burning question that is on everyone's minds: "What do mink do when they get bored?" The answer may sound familiar -- they lay in bed awake all day and eat too much. Throw in like half a dozen episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix and you have pretty much our average Saturday. Wanna make something of it?

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  4. Weird

    Cure for Back-to-Work Blues: Stapler Art

    It’s Monday morning, and that means you’re looking at another five days of avoiding the work you’re supposed to be doing. But move over, Farmville: French artist Baptiste Debombourg has come up with a new way to stay entertained in your cubicle. Stapler art! You’ve probably got all the materials you need sitting right in front of you, and we’re sure your boss will assume the constant “ka-chunk ka-chunk” of your Swingline is the sound of  incessant productivity.

    Click through for some more inspiration before you start decorating your own cube:

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