1. Weird

    Man Plays Soccer for 90 Minutes Without Realizing There’s a Bullet Lodged in His Skull

    A Bosnian man played a full soccer match with a 9mm bullet in his head this past weekend, and only discovered it when complaining about a headache. While some soccer players are masters of making dramatic flops, he managed to make getting shot in the head one of the least dramatic injuries on record. And he only let up one goal, too.

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  2. Weird

    Unarmed Bosnian Shepherd Kills Brown Bear to Defend His Flock

    A Bosnian shepherd is really earning his "World's Best Shepherd" coffee mug this week after killing a brown bear with his bearhands bare hands to protect himself and his flock. Russian media reports that 48-year-old Blazo Grkovic was leading sheep around  -- is this what shepherds do? I have no idea -- when he was attacked by a brown bear. Unable to draw the small hand ax he kept on his person, presumably for situations exactly like this one, Grkovic defended himself the only way he knew how, by grabbing the bear's throat and strangling it to death.

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  3. Weird

    75-Year-Old Grandmother Claims to Have Rescued Five Puppies Thrown into River

    Last week, the Internet was collectively gripped with revulsion when a video surfaced of a young girl throwing puppies into a raging river and squealing with glee as she did. While there was some sense of justice when the still-unnamed girl was apprehended by police in Bosnia, this did not do much for the puppies, who appeared from the video to be faced with certain death. However, Croatian daily newspaper Večernji list reports that there may have been a happier ending after all: A 75-year-old grandmother named Rose Pavlović claims to have rescued five of the six puppies thrown in the river.

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