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  1. Entertainment

    No, Anna, Jesse Pinkman Does Not Want To Build a Snowman [Video]

    No wonder your parents want to keep you two separated. There's no snow in Albuquerque! If anything, Jesse's probably got supernatural meth powers, and you don't want that around little kids.

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  2. Entertainment

    Yeah, Bitch! Aaron Paul’s in Talks to Play Jesse Pinkman in a Breaking Bad Spin-Off!

    In a recent interview about Need for Speed Aaron Paul was asked about Jesse Pinkman (better get used it, man) and he said he's in serious talks with Vince Gilligan about appearing as a less turmoil-ridden, younger Jesse Pinkman in Better Call Saul.

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  3. Weird

    Alleged Meth Lab Operator Arrested Wearing a Breaking Bad “Los Pollos Hermanos” T-shirt, Because of Course He Was

    Do you love Breaking Bad? Not as much as Daniel Kowalski, who was just arrested for having a meth lab in his home while wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos T-shirt. Come on man, that's like going to a concert wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see. It's just tacky.

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  4. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad’s Final Eight Episodes Just Hit Netflix!

    The final eight episodes of Breaking Bad are now on Netflix! This is great news for anyone like me who's spent the last few months dodging both spoilers and having to pay for the episodes. It's also great news for anyone who wants to dive back into the series and binge watch it all, or just the last season. See you in a few hours, world.

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  5. Entertainment

    Walter White’s Facebook Look Back Is Full Of Good Times And Also Meth

    We know you're sick of those Facebook Look Back videos; but if you're going to watch just one, we'd have to recommend Walter White's. YouTubers Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues have created some hilarious Heisenberg nostalgia, with his most-liked posts including "Jessie is being such a little bitch, he needs to apply himself. LOL." Enjoy. #SayMyName

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  6. Entertainment

    Will The Breaking Bad Opera Actually Have a “Bitch Aria?”

    When One World Symphony announced their plan to create and stage a Breaking Bad opera, the Internet was naturally abuzz with jokes. Of course, the one that showed up in the most headlines was whether or not there'd be a bitch-laden aria for Jesse Pinkman. According to the composer -- yes. Yes, there will be.

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  7. Entertainment

    Anthony Hopkins Sent Bryan Cranston and Cast of Breaking Bad a Fan Letter

    We loved Breaking Bad, but you know who really loved it? Anthony Hopkins. Yes, the Anthony Hopkins. He marathoned every episode in about two weeks and then fired off a love letter to Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast.

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  8. Entertainment

    Can You Really Enjoy Breaking Bad?

    A we all know, up until about two weeks ago Breaking Bad had been ripping the hearts out of us on a constant basis and stomping all over them, and we loved every second. Or did we really? In the latest episode of PBS IDea Channel, Mike Rugnetta suggests that our enjoyment doesn't necessarily come from the show, but from the relief we feel when it's over.

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  9. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad: The Opera Currently In Production Because Of Course It Is

    We sure did miss watching a new episode Breaking Bad last week. Luckily the show will continue to live on in our hearts -- and on the stage, if the One World Symphony House in New York has its way. They've just announced plans to produce a Breaking Bad opera. No, really.

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  10. Entertainment

    Spoiler Alert: Breaking Bad Fans Bought Out Space in An Albuquerque Newspaper For Something Special

    If you're trying to stay completely pure of any season finale knowledge, then massive spoilers for the final Breaking Bad episode,"Felina," abound here. But if you up to speed, and you're like the small group of fans who spent actual money to make this clever joke in a local New Mexico newspaper, then you're for sure going to enjoy what's after the jump.

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  11. Entertainment

    Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Care What You Think About LOST‘s Ending, Thanks to Breaking Bad

    Earlier in the week, we told you that LOST creator Damon Lindelof had been receiving some pretty terrible hate in the wake of the widely-acclaimed Breaking Bad series finale. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof just wants you to know: he doesn't care what you think about the LOST finale any more. He. Is. Over it.

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  12. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad Finale Makes Fans Remind Damon Lindelof How Much They Hated The LOST Finale

    Unless you live in an internet-less cavern (if so, how are you reading this, magical being?), you probably know that Breaking Bad ended last night. People were so pleased with the outcome of AMC's epic show that they celebrated in the best way the internet knows how: by hating on someone else. This time, it was LOST creator Damon Lindelof.

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  13. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad Recap 5×16, “Felina”

    Let's not waste any time and just get into it.

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  14. Entertainment

    Bryan Cranston Reads His Favorite Erotic Breaking Bad Fan Letter On Conan [Video]

    Last night's Conan episode featured the cast of Breaking Bad for the entire hour. At one point, Bryan Cranston revealed his favorite erotic fan letter, because of course everybody has one of those, right? Not surprisingly, it ends up mostly being about... Aaron Paul. Huh. Well, can't complain about that, we guess.

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  15. Tech

    Behind on Breaking Bad? Netflix Wants To Filter Your Twitter Feed For Spoilers

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that social media -- especially Twitter -- is going to ruin the latest big television show episode or movie or sports score if you get on it without watching first. But what if you're a Breaking Bad fan who won't be able to watch next week's finale in real time? Then you're in luck; Netflix has your back.

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