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    The Official Trailer for Godzilla Is Here, and It Looks Amazing

    Finally! After leaked teaser trailers, actual teaser trailers, and a tease of Godzilla's roar that made us pee a bit, we've got a full length trailer featuring a really angry Bryan Cranston, lots of destruction footage, and a little more insight into what shape the movie's story will take. Feel free to watch and get really, really excited with us.

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    Anthony Hopkins Sent Bryan Cranston and Cast of Breaking Bad a Fan Letter

    We loved Breaking Bad, but you know who really loved it? Anthony Hopkins. Yes, the Anthony Hopkins. He marathoned every episode in about two weeks and then fired off a love letter to Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast.

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    Bryan Cranston Reads His Favorite Erotic Breaking Bad Fan Letter On Conan [Video]

    Last night's Conan episode featured the cast of Breaking Bad for the entire hour. At one point, Bryan Cranston revealed his favorite erotic fan letter, because of course everybody has one of those, right? Not surprisingly, it ends up mostly being about... Aaron Paul. Huh. Well, can't complain about that, we guess.

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    Bryan Cranston Might Play Lex Luthor, So Maybe There’s Hope After All [Rumor]

    Regardless of what you feel about the Man of Steel sequel or the decision to cast Ben Affleck as Batman, you'll be happy to hear that there are pretty strong rumors that Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad has been cast as Lex Luthor. Holy God, that's all I've ever wanted out of anything.

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    More Celebrities Reading Meaner Tweets Are Hurtful and Hilarious

    If there's one thing we like more than saying mean things about people more successful than us -- and we're not saying there is, because that is, like, a top five pastime around these parts -- it's watching celebrities debase themselves by reading mean things that other people have said about them on Twitter. Of course, it's not really celebrities debasing themselves, because the joke is really "Look how impotent the best attack you can muster on this person is! It is a joke that they will repeat themselves on national television, because who cares what you think @some_asshole_on_twitter?" Still and all, we do get a kick out of watching folks like Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston reading people's ill-conceived Internet slams on them in entertaining and only occasionally threatening fashion.

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