1. Gaming

    Check Out “Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game,” Or In Other Words, A Portal Board Game

    A board game based on Valve's Portal franchise sounds really interesting and this fall, Cryptozoic Entertainment plans to release the game, which they have named "Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game."

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  2. Entertainment

    That’s No Cake, It’s a Space Station… Oh, Wait… No, That Is Actually a Cake

    A guy named Neal just had a birthday. You probably don't know Neal, but you should still wish him a happy birthday and check out the sweet cake his wife got for him. It depicts -- in cake form -- an epic space battle between some of the most iconic spaceships in geekdom. Neal, save us a slice?

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  3. Weird

    Today Is National Cake Day, Contrary to Reports That the Cake Is a Lie

    According to National Days on Twitter, today is National Cake Day. Usually, cakes have a designated purpose, but today the cake is the purpose, so now's your opportunity to decorate that cake for whatever purpose you'd like. Isn't it great that National Cake Day and National Pie Day—erm, Thanksgiving—are both in the same week?

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  4. Weird

    The Cake is Not a Lie, It’s a Resignation Letter

    Most of us have probably quit jobs before. Sometimes the impulse to burn all bridges on your way out is too strong to ignore, but any career advice you're likely to get will tell you to leave in a polite, cordial way. What's more polite and cordial than handing in your resignation letter on a cake? Nothing.

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  5. Entertainment

    This Tim Burton Cake is Good Enough to Eat, Assuming it Doesn’t Eat You First

    At Geekosystem, we've covered cakes and we've covered zoetropes, but rarely have to the two intersected. That changes today, with this astonishing zoetrope cake by animator and foodie Alexandre DUBOSC, inspired by the works of Tim Burton. Folks, you need to see this. Video, after the break.

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  6. Weird

    Eye of Sauron Cake Looks Delicious, Always Watching

    Yet another awesome pastry to give you cake envy. This time, we have an Eye of Sauron cake, complete with Elvish writing. Though this cake should satisfy any Lord of the Rings viewing party (which would, roughly, last weeks) sees all, we all know that sometimes red frosting tastes terrible, so it might not see its way into your stomach after that initial taste. Also, it's a giant fiery eye.

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  7. Entertainment

    Cross the Streams and Enjoy This Delicious Ghostbusters Cake

    I think we can all agree that everything about this Ghostbusters cake is fantastic. First and foremost is the excellent assembly and frosting of the Stay Puft marshmallow man -- not to mention the fact that he's bleeding actual marshmallow fluff. Personally, my favorite aspect is how the baker chose to use a collection of vintage The Real Ghostbusters action figures for the creation. A true master stroke! If you ain't afraid of no cakes, read on for more images.

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  8. Weird

    Do You Dare Attempt to Eat Jabba the Birthday Cake?

    Artist and expert baker Kate Hopkins has taken the appetite-suppressing grotesquery of Jabba the Hutt and (for better or worse) combined that with a delicious cake. The result is this stunning confection, fit for a Hutt, presumably to celebrate a birthday. Stunning in every respect, my personal favorite aspect of the cake is the surprised, incredulous look on Jabba's face. Henry, you are one lucky man.

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  9. Weird

    This Stormtrooper is a Six Foot Tall Cake With Rice Krispy Legs

    As far as geeky cakes go, this fully edible stormtrooper by Amanda Oakleaf Cakes certainly takes the, uh, cake. Standing a whopping six feet four inches and weighing over 300 pounds on Rice Krispy Treat legs, this cake apparently required whole new cake-making methodologies. The results speak for themselves, as does the fact that it fed around 600 attendees to the Boston Arisia Sci-Fi Convention. Who knew the shocktroops of the Galactic Empire could be so delicious?

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  10. Gaming

    This is World of Warcraft’s Deathwing, in Cake Form

    What better way to honor the birth of a new year than the falling of a dreaded enemy? That was the thinking from the writer at the Domestic Scientist, who wanted to celebrate the victory of the Molten Core Swim Club guildmates over World of Warcraft's dreaded Deathwing. The resulting celebratory cake is a thing of beauty, even if some of the horns didn't survive the baking process. See more pictures, after the break.

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  11. Weird

    Realistic Dead Possum Cake Has Disemboweled Cake Guts

    Because we haven't terrified you yet today, here is an edible cake that looks like a dead possum with its guts spilling out all over the place.

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  12. Weird

    Gorgeous, Seemingly Delicious Starry Night Cake

    A three-level cake decorated with Van Gogh's Starry Night. Impressively, the decoration seems to be purely icing or frosting, rather than fondant, the food decorator's choice material nowadays.

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  13. Weird

    Boy Hides $800 Gold Necklace in Muffin to Surprise Girlfriend, Girlfriend Eats Muffin

    Whenever I watch a television show or movie where some guy hides an engagement ring inside his girlfriend's glass of champagne, I'm always terrified that she is not going to notice the ring, drink the champagne, and swallow the jewelry. The scenario never fails to make me anxious, because it seems totally plausible that it would happen in real life.

    22-year-old Xaio Li bought his girlfriend, Wang Xue, an $800 necklace for her birthday and, in an attempt to surprise her, hid it in a muffin he baked for her. Li presented the pastry gift wrapping to Xue at her birthday party, then watched in horror as she ate the whole thing, swallowing the necklace.

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  14. Gaming

    Sweet Moves on Display in Minecraft 1.8 Parkour [Video]

    When sprinting was introduced in Minecraft 1.8, I'm sure the developers never expected people to use the fast-running long-jumping ability to make totally sweet parkour videos. Using ladders for wall-jumping, vaulting over canyons, hop-scotching through a lava field, and running over thin panes of glass dozens of blocks above ground level, the video shows off many of the game's new features as well as the player's obvious skills. It's a fun ride. (via Reddit)

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  15. Gaming

    21 More Amazing Minecraft Creations

    In the far and distant past, we here at Geekosytem compiled a list of the 21 most amazing creations in Minecraft. Since then, much has changed. The game has entered Beta, and numerous updates have added new dimensions to the game that we could have only dreamed of back then. In honor of the impending 1.8 Adventure Update, we've assembled a bold slate of champions. Behold, 21 More Amazing Minecraft Creations!

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