Cards Against Humanity

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    House Of Cards Against Humanity Is Now A Real, Officially Licensed Thing

    Do you like playing Cards Against Humanity, but wish it came with more "power, politics, and passive-aggressive handjobs?" Have we got the expansion pack for you. Well, okay, we don't, but the people who made Cards Against Humanity do.

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    Terrible Things Kickstarter Wants You to Play The Party Game Where Everyone Loses

    Like hanging out and playing stuff with your friends? Are you and your friends all monsters who react to awful news with laughter and tell dead baby jokes to each other for fun? Then you're probably going to want this Terrible Things game in your life. Your horrible, horrible life.

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  3. Weird

    Drawings Against Humanity Tumblr Offends Everyone in the Best Way Possible

    If you've ever played the wondrously reprehensible Cards Against Humanity, then it's definitely your favorite card game. How can we know for sure? Because you're on this website, so naturally you must be the same kind of awful human being that we all are. Shhhh, it's okay; you're among friends. Horrible, horrible friends. Friends who think the incredibly NSFW website Drawings Against Humanity is one of the funniest things to happen to the internet since the invention of the nut shot video.

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    Cards Against Humanity’s Pay-What-You-Want Holiday Sale Produces Surprising Results

    Any kind of sale where businesses invite their customers to pay what they please for goods just reeks of disaster. The obvious problem is that "paying what you want" tends to gravitate towards "paying nothing at all." The good people behind Cards Against Humanity recently held a pay-what-you-want sale for holiday packs, and they've released the data they collected from it. The results just might surprise you.

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