1. Entertainment

    Got $15,000? Buy This Solid Gold LEGO Brick

    If you, by some infinitesimal chance, happen to be one of the two winners of yesterday's $587.5M Powerball jackpot, then have we got something you'll most certainly want to spend your abounding disposable income on: This solid gold LEGO brick being sold at the paltry sum of $15,000. Rest assured, this isn't some grandiose knockoff, this is a 100% official building piece straight from LEGO itself.

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  2. Weird

    Older Brother Promises Younger Brother All The Money He Can Catch [Video]

    It seems that brothers Jack and Dan somehow struck a bargain. Dan, who for reasons unknown had $125 in cash sitting around, would throw a pile of money up in the air and Jack could keep whatever he caught. Dan likely assumed that he would probably be out a few bucks, and that Jack would be happy. This turned out to be only half true, as Jack wound up very happy.

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  3. Weird

    Awesome Suitcase Stickers Sure To Get You Attention! (And Maybe a Cavity Search)

    Have you ever been watching a movie and seen one of the characters walk around looking all slick carrying a suitcase filled with money or drugs and thought "Why not me?" Well, dream no longer. The website is selling a series of decals to stick on your suitcase so that you can transform into a) some kind of supervillain and, b) some kind of supervillain with x-ray vision. Grab yourself an awesome suit, put on some cool sunglasses, and (optional) handcuff yourself to your new be-stickered suitcase and you are ready to strike fear into the hearts of man and annoyance into the days of airport security workers everywhere!

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